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Funniest Ride Experiences

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In line for Perilous Plunge and one of the ops starts singing My Boo. Everyone starts booing and telling him to shutup. Then we see one op just come up and slap him in the head. After she says in the mike, "sorry folks." It was hilarious!!!!

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me and my friend were riding Judge Roy Scream and ast the top of the lift hill we go what the h3ll?! i thought this was a water ride!!! we keep screaming that for the duration of the ride and at the brake run the old lady in front of us says that sheel spit on us and then itll be a water ride.


also at Galaxyland in Canada I was ridind the little train with my mom. We were sitting across from a man ad his baby. the baby dropped a little stuffed dragon and goes oh,f***! the dad laughs for the rest of the ride and at the end he tells us that that was his baby's first word.

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I was at Knott's about 2 years ago (I think it was Solace weekend) and about to get on Ghostrider. The ride op was doing his spiel, and he sounded really quiet and shy. Like you could barely hear him, then he started YELLING practically right in the rider's faces. His spiel went something like this: "Welcome to Ghostrider. Please remain seated at all times and keep hands and arms inside the train...FEEL THE HEAT!!!!!!!!!! GHOSTRIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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OMG, the funniest Themepark moment i can think of has to be at SFMM. My friends and I were on Psyclone and EVEYRONE was in pain; screaming out random body parts like "MY JAW!" and "MY KNEE, OMG MY KNEE!". After the ride as the the train came into the station and eveyrone was laughing at how insanly BAD the ride was, and i turn around and the guy behind me was in TEARS; going "OMG, it wasn't worth it, OMG." *turns to his girlfriend* "Oh, man, i told you we should not have ridden..." *whimper*.




lmao, sounds like wednesday!

we were on psyclone and rode it twice. the first time, there was hardly enough people, so it was slower and more smooth. then the second time, the trainn was full. And the entire ride, i was screaming in pain, and getting rammed into the side of the seat, and into the person next to me. and whenever we whent down, i got hit in the crotch by the lap bar. after it was over i was completely out of breath.

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Recently, I went to SFMM and rode Psyclone.



We were next to get on, but as the train came back, everyone was in pain. In particular, some pretty cut twentysomething year olds (the type you wouldn't think would act wussy) came off half in pain, half in comic disbelief, groaning about how that hurt, and how they'll never ride it again. Pretty funny stuff.



I ride and tape the ride. When I get off, the ride op looks at the camera in my hand and the pain on my face (I'd taken one for the team by riding in order to get a person who'd never ridden the ride but had heard about it onto the coaster), then bursts out laughing, realizing I'd captured the painfest on film.


For the record, a ride on Psyclone usually goes like this.



Funniest ride moment? How about the ending to The Scary Adventure of Snow White at Disneyland? Most. Abrumpt. Ending. Ever. Those who have been on it and know how the Disney movie goes would agree, I think.




Three summers ago, I was working at Knott's, on Supreme Scream. One night, about an hour and a half before closing, on a slow night, my friend and I were messing around in dispatch with various spiels. While the tower went up, we'd switch the mic over to the queue line and do sillys things like the horror movie "CH-CH-CH-CH.. CHA CHA CHA CHA..." scary sound effects thing, and the like.


Well, at somepoint, I got the idea to start saying random things. So three kids come running through the line, and I use my best "Mr. Announcer Guy" voice to say "We're sorry, Supreme Scream has closed for the night. Please feel free to enjoy our other world-class attractions here at Knott's Berry Farm."


The kids literally screech to a halt in their tracks, panic, and turn around and sprint out of the line as though they'd been caught trespassing!


My friend and I pretty much fell out of our seats at that, considering the fact that if the ride was closed, they wouldn't have been able to get into the line in the first place.



I did so many hilarious spiels that summer. My hour in dispatch was always my favorite part of the shift (or two hours if I rotated around again before my day was over), so I made full use of it. I would try to have a different spiel every cycle, so that aside from the standard safety part, no two announcements were the same.

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My favorite thing to do at SFMM is to go on Superman (the right track) half an hour before the park closes, when there is no line. If nobody's waiting, the ride op will just continuously send off the ride over and over again. I got my favorite seat, very back to the very right, and Steven, my friend (yes, I have friends. ) Steven got the seat in front of me. At the "top" of the tower we flung the unrestrained parts of our bodies (torso and up) off the side of the car and waved our arms and screamed FAT POWER!! everytime, so people would look up. Man, that was great.

Sweet i got 9 rides like that once and the guys next to us 14

I was on the log ride at SFMM and when we were at the top of the hill the ride op that is supposed to be making sure everyone was sitting had his feet kicked back and his hat over his head...asleep! It was so funny to see it!

OMG That's happened to me before several times

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Last year at Kennywood. I was riding Phantom's Revenge. We were just going down the second drop and my dog tags we about to fly over my head and off my neck, So I was trying to hold them down while we exited the turnaround, but the wind blew my hands away, and my tags got caught on one of my earrings....It pulled my earring out of my ear, after I got off the ride, I found my earring sticking out of my jeans pant leg. I thought that was hilarious.


Or When I rode pitfall sometime ago, my shoe flew off and over the ravine side, so I had to walk around the park for the rest of the day in tweety slippers that the guest relations gave me.

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  • 10 months later...

Quantum at Thorpe Park was called Zodiac, Slammer and many other unrelated ride names within the space of 5 minutes... The majority were serious mistakes, but they started playing about after calling it Vortex...


Yeah, that's funny seeing horrified guests that heard they were going on Slammer, when it was actually Quantum.


They should re-name it something like Zodislamortum...


Also, while queuing for Quantum, you could hear some guy at the exatc same point yelling 'oh my balls!' repeatedly!! I soon found out why... Why did I choose the row with the skinny people in it? My groin got crushed!!!

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Some funny freestylneut experiences:


1. After a ride on Kumba (BGT) my wife gets up and as soon as she does a pretty big (annoyed looking) BEE was on her seat buzzing around in circles. It looks like she sat down on it when she strapped in. At first it was pretty scary, but she didn't get stung and the fact that the bee was flying around in circles on the green part of the seat led us to beleive it was DIZZY from the ride it just went experienced.


2. I did a Peter Parker from Spider-man 3 as me & my nephew were on Phoenix (again at BGT) and a very nice, shiny, new looking state quarter fell out from under and floated right in our face as we went up. It bounced too and fro, and I touched it a couple of times but could never get my hand on it.


3. Before launching on Dr. Doom's Fearfall at IOA, we are about to shoot up but suddenly things seem to quite down (we thought it shut down). We all dropped out guard and my sister was on the other end. She tilted her head to talk to me when it SUDDENLY shot up and she hit her nose pretty hard on the safety restraint!


4. Our first time on Alien Encounter at WDW, me & the wife had our mouths open at the EXACT time the background guy says "I had my mouth open" when water shoots out. We laughed uncontrollably for about 5 minutes straight.

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My first post!! Woo hoo!!!


I was at BGE Saturday (6/16) & got a ride on Griffon for the first time. When we get to the brake run, the car ahead of us are getting strapped in. Once they're done the op says "Is everyone excited?" & the people just kind of half-heartedly "woo hoo". The op goes "Well THAT was lame. You'll be screaming for real up there!" & let the train go. It was classic.


Then we go to ride DarKastle. A friend with us is really afraid of rides so he was VERY nervous that we were tricking him onto a coaster. We're goin' thru the ride & at the section where it spins out of control & water shoots up he screams at the top of his lungs "EEEEK!! I'm getting wet!!!" Needless to say, that became our catchphrase the rest of the day.


Good times...good times.

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One time I went on Mean Streak at CP, and I think someone tried to spit through the middle of the train en-route through the ride and that person's spit landed on my glasses.


I got off the ride and stopped the two guys who were responible and we all laughed at it


One of most gross, yet funny events I've experienced at CP.

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I have 2. The first one (and to me the funniest) was actually on Stingray at Noah's Ark in the Wisconsin Dells last summer. My cousin and I had gone on it a few times already that day and loved it, and we convinced my parents to go on it. My mom which i should add is afraid of heights. We get to the top and let them go first, my mom facing forward and my dad facing backward. As soon as they go down my cousin and I can't see anything but all we hear is KEVIN MICHAEL and my cousin and I just die laughing on the spot, even the life guard was laughing.


The other experience was 1 year ago at Cedar Point on opening day. I went with one of my friends and since Skyhawk was new we decided to wait for it. We get on the ride and sit down and wait for them to check our harnesses. The ride starts and were both ok. When it gets up to its full swing and were looking 100ft straight down at the ground i look over at my friend sitting next to me and she has this OMFG look on her face that was just priceless. I wish I had my camera ready.

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Here are some of my funniest moments (in no particular order).



I was on the flume at Funtown USA and my hat flew off. Right when it was about to fly into the water, my sister reached up and grabbed it with her ninja-like moves.

Much like this, my brother's hat flew off on the final drop on Log Jammer at SFMM. He was freaking out because he thought he lost his favorite hat. But then I look back and there's his hat floating in the infamous "six flags soup" in the log boat.


2. During frightfest at SFDK last year, some random lady handed me an unused fastpass because she didn't need it. So while walking over to Medusa as we passed people I would yell out "Fastpassfivedolla!" like some crazy fast-talking auctioneer trying to sell it.


3. Earlier in the day, in one of the haunted mazes, me, my brother, and his friends were messing around with the guys in costumes inside and bribed them to do random things with loose change that we had found throughout the day.


4. At SFMM earlier this year, it was in the evening and my brother and I were getting repeat rides in the front on Viper and after each time around we discovered loose change in the bottom of the car even though neither of us had any coins before. You could hear the loose change rattling around during the double corkscrew.


5. The next night at SFMM, in line for, and on Deja Vu, there were these "gangsta" teenagers who my brother and I agreed just had the funniest attitude ever heard. It was hilarious listening to them during the ride.


6. Listening to the screams of pain of guests after riding Kong (Vekoma SLC) at SFDK.

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I was waiting in line for Kingda Ka last summer with my friend for FOUR AND A HALF HOURS...and when we finally got around to the section near the lockers where they hold you up before sending you into the station the ride goes down as a train makes it only three-quarters of the way down the launch track and comes to a slow, grinding halt and then proceeds to rollback. This crazy little-english speaking foreign exchange op (FEO...not related to FEZ from That 70's Show) tells us, "It could be closed for one minute, it could be closed for one hour, it could be closed FOREVER!" I knew what he meant, but his coaster knowledge was pretty low, yet it's still funny how the general public buy EVERYTHING an op says. "Go talk to the Dippin Dots guy over there about our 2017 plans..."


So, a half hour a later, the mechanic walked the launch track and pulled a toupee out of the launch track area where the cable rests in the sleeve...apparently in the on-ride photo of the previous train some guy had his hair in the launch picture but was bald in the picture they take on the way back to the station while going over the camel hump...BUSTED!

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This past May I was at SFFT with my school. I was on RR Express (1997 Arrow Mine train) and was sitting in about the 12th row. As we were turning out of the first drop through the Rattler, a guy screams, "TITTIES!" to which another girl responds, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Another one was when this past month I was at HersheyPark with my aunt. We went on one of the number one rides (HersheyPark and many other parks have a 1-5 scale of intensity), which I can't remember. When we were done, she defiantly stood up and announced, "I'M READY FOR A NUMBER TWO!!!!!!"

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I'm going to guess these are things that you saw people do and didn't, in fact do yourself. So I shall tell my non-Ride Ops stories!


A few years ago I haven't been to SFGAdv in several years and in that time they had built Nitro. So my husband decided we'd wait till the end of the day then ride when the lines where shorter. So after a short line we get on and the guy in Control Room has decided to have a good ole' time. He made a comment "So who's never been on this bad boy before" so naturally I raise my hand. The next comment is something like "Your not a coaster virgin are you" which was a HUGE no and then it was "Well tell us how ya like it" and the car went out.

After we returned to loading he asked "Did ya like it?" which got a big thumbs up and a loud cheer then I hear my favorite thing "Then let's do it again!" and boom! Off we went on a second round!


I used to work for Seaworld Orlando so we haunted BGT on days off since they have the best coasters in Florida. So one nasty overcast day we standing on Montu's platform chatting with the ride ops since the park was dead (a heavy storm has just gone threw). The lead came out and started talking with us while they where waiting for an all clear on the storm, when that finally happened the Ops lead looked at us and said "So, ya wanna do the ride threws?"

Needless to say we had a good long time on Montu before anyone else showed back up!


BGT with the Seaworld crew again, they had just opened up Gwazi and it was still on "testing" and they invited Busch Park employees to "Ride it! Tell us whatcha think!"

Well we rode and after we got off there was some woman standing there coughing and looking like she was about to be sick. So we paused for a moment since she was in front of us, when all of a sudden she yells "I swallowed a DAMN BUG".

I think we almost peed ourselves laughing!

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I have my share of stories:

1. We were on S:TE at SFMM and we were all getting ready to launch. I could tell that it was some riders first time on the ride because they were getting really scared. We shoot out of the station and a maximum speed of...10 MPH! We got short shot! My dad and I were laughing our heads off because it took us about five minutes for us to stop at the end, and almost EVERYONE on the car was going crazy! Good times, good times.

2. Another S:TE story. These guys behind me decide to bring out a quarter to try and see what gravity would do to it. So when they let it go at the top, it went flying forward into my row, and when we started falling, it came back and hit me in the face! Sure, it hurt, but it was freakin hilarious.


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One experience (which was offride, thank God) was back in 1997 at Knotts. We decided to take my brother, who was 4 at the time on the kiddy school bus ride. Suddenly, we hear this screaming from not a little kid, but from an adult! She actually sounded like she had been terrified and we caught it on tape. I'll have to dig up that tape and capture it, and show you all...quite funny if you ask me.

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At Cedar Point, Two years ago, my friends and I were waiting in line for Millenium Force. We hopped in line a little before closing time.


If you've never been on Millennium Force at night...

1 - you definetly should ride at night because its about a million times better.

2 - The lines/crowd/queues are really crazy and fun at night. Moreso than any other place/ride I've ever been to/on. The people are loud and are all ready to party. They have great techno/electronica music and sometimes have DJ's at that little booth.


+Plus The night display of MF's track is by far one of the coolest/best I've ever seen if not the best.


back to the story....


well this particular night, there was a DJ there and the place was just rockin. Everyone was having a great time. We were talking to all the other people in line and meeting each other which is rare because usually when you and your crew are standing in lines, you only talk to each other and are afraid to talk to other people right? lol.


Well, suddenly we notice a young (college age) white guy a couple rows ahead of us wearing a Green hooded sweatshirt w/ the hood up, listening to a portable CD player, and rapping (very loudly) along with whatever was playing in his CD player.


This guy was alone, by himself in line. He starts to catch the attention of everybody else in line. The funniest thing is that he wasn't rappin to anybody or for anybody; he was rapping just to himself for his own entertainment. People tried to talk to him and get his attention, but nobody could; he was off in his own world.


At the end of every song he would scream "Woo" in a Ric Flair style. Well the ENITRE crowd and line for MF had found about this guy, and practically every single person in line was taking pictures/filming this guy with cellphones/cameras etc. There was so much footage taken of this guy that night, there has to be pics or a clip of him somewhere on the internet.


well when he finally made it onto the train, he was still going at it, and the ride attendant tried to take his CD player, but everyone else on the ride and still in line started chanting to let him keep it while he rode, so she let him keep it while he rode. When his train came back into the station, he was doing the "WOO!" thing like rapid fire. So one of the ride attendants brought the PA Microphone to him while he was still sittin in the train, and he gave a huge amplified "WOO!" over the loudspeaker, and instantly became a legend.


The whole walk back to the car you could hear people Imitating the"woo!" and reminescing (sp?) about that nut.


Pure fun and Insanity

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I was recently at Disney with my mom and two of my friends...

We were in line for Pirates of the Carribbean and my friends and I got separated from my mom..

This man was blocking her from us, he wouldnt let her by, eventhough he could clearly see she was with us...


So it turns out we were sat right behind him on the ride...To get even with him, my friends screamed literally at the top of their lungs at the drop..

I think it was the loudest scream I had ever heard..

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