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1. Six Flags San Antonio on Poltergeist. This was the first ride of the day and my BFs first time to this park. We were in the front seat. It took off as normal but I could tell it did not pick up enough speed. I looked over at my BF and shouted "we're either not making this incline or getting stuck at the top, be ready". The look on his face was priceless. They were able to engage the breaks and we slowed down just before the incline and since the second train was not on the track they pulled us back into the station.

2. One time on the Zipper at Trimper's in Ocean City, MD my cousin and I were riding when one of her necklaces fell off. She caught it in her mouth without even trying. We were super young and dumb and thought it was the funniest thing at the moment.

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I don’t get it....   Is any of this suppose to be funny??? Because it’s not.

"Fist me daddy" is not only a middle school level of maturity, if I was on there with my kids when you did it we wouldve had problems. And what does "Mind WYRRMS" even mean?

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