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Dude I've got like the same headboard you do, only mine is red so it's cooler.


Heres my room in all its glory.


Here is a bonus picture of wall #2 under black light. Behold.


Wall #4 (parllel to wall #3). This wall is where I get articles of clothing, it is also used as a means of entry (not pictured).


Wall #3. This is the wall I spend most of my time staring at. This wall contains all the latest in technology (notice Xbox 360).


Wall #2 (opposite wall #1). This wall contains outdated media such as old consoles and a primitive display.


Wall #1. This wall is special, it's the only one with a window.

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I dont want to take any pictures of my room at the moment because its a bit messy. But this is what it looked like a little over a year ago after we renovated the entire room. My computer desk is outside the left side of the picture. I also have a really comfy chair to watch TV in aswell as my sleeping couch.


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Here's my room


Wisconsin stuff, a cool old tennis racquet I found while cleaning out my garage, an end table and a director's chair!


My CD collection (My favorites are the ones stacked carefully, which was a total pain in the ass to do, but I thought it looked cool) and my cat clock which no longer goes back and forth because the batteries are dead.


My Fender Telecaster and crappy Marshall amp


My window, which doesn't look out on much except my backyard, and some posters.


My TV and book shelf/cabinet.


My bed and some posters/signs/stuff.


My Room In Its (Almost) Entirety

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I am so glad I searched this. I was about to make a new topic!


I am posting pictures of my room so everyone can see how cool it is.

This is my room as of 7-13-05 (scroll down for pictures from 5 minutes ago...)

See all that stuff that used to be on my wall?

Yeah.. that rugrats pillow is long gone now...



That was whsat my room looked like a year ago. The differences now are that most of the posters are taken down because I had flooding in my house from Hurricane Wilma.

Also, I no longer have the roller coaster on my ceiling, I took it down once I bought my coaster dynamix kit.


Here are pictures of what my room looks like now!

I got a new TV, and instead of keeping my games on the floor (hurricane wilma taught me a lesson when it flooded) I keep them in a drawer.

See how much stuff is missing from my wall?


I think my new roller coaster is a big improvement over the old one!

Check out my lego flat rides! I have a Kamikaze and a GravityWorks Skyscraper!


Check out my games and movies!

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What the hey I might as well join in...


Oh yeah here is the thread showing my custom built closet!


im currently working on a new layout for a sit-down impluse for intamin...oops was I suppose to tell you guys that...


another view


This is what I call my "wreck" room for obvious reasons...


head on shot of my bed...900 thread count sheets never felt better!


This is my room at my own home now...it lacks right now but im working on getting more things!


That is my room at my mom's place I was a huge hilfiger fan!

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Low quality webcam pix of my room...yes, needs more cleaning but I"m too lazy...(Go to school, go home, go to work for 5 hours, come home, do homework...)


I will probably take better pix with my so-called "Fancy-Cam" once my room's more presentable.


Last but not least, it's the area I stare at the most in my room...


More head...I mean the ceramic head I made.


TV, Gamecube, random boxes and my ceramic head I made that doubles as a hat holder...he watches over my room while I'm gone.


Games and DVDs...(TPR DVD's somewhere in the crowd)


My bed...I actually made it...only to take it apart again.

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Here is my dork room of death. And coasters.


Postcards-Dragster x2, Tornado, Dragon, Outlaw, Apollo.

Pictures-On-ride MF, me being a dork at midnight when HP 5 came out.

Other-magazine clipping, greeting card, Patriot sticker.


Signed poster from last year's school play.


ACE 2006 calendar.


More on-ride photos. This time Raging Bull, Timber Wolf, and Patriot.


Awful picture of some on-ride photos, including some old Ripsaw photos from the mid-90's.


It's yellow! Yay!

Note the ACE calendar pictures and the "Bumper Car Rides 25c" sign.


Looking in from the door.

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I was going to post a new topic but I found this one so I'll show you guys my small but cozy room. These were taken like 5 min. ago.


great poster!


above where i sleep


my closet featuring kong!


towards my door, alot of florida stuff on the board and you can see my mardi gras beads hanging from my lightpost


this is where i store most of my things...notice my on-ride photos which included Mummy, Splash Mountain, and Sheikra.


this is above my tv, old posters that i dont feel like tearing down and TAZ...uhh...don't mind all the glow stars everywhere because they were left there by my sister and I never bothered to take them down.


my tv and vhs collection...magnavox is a really good brand, so far it has outlasted a Sony and an RCA.


This is everything above my dresser, yeah, I don't have an i-pod. More Albert stuff with a mark mcguire bobblehead!


ok, this is my favorite section in my room because I have it themed mostly to Albert Pujols and the Cardinals. Also, you can see some of my DVD collection and CDs.


hah, my door

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Well, I got recent pics of my dorm room, so I can show those


Pic of me sitting at my desk


the view from my window.


Closeup of some of my coaster stuff


A shot of my bottle redemption collection. Because every college student who lives in a state where they got bottle deposits, they need to have a bottle redemption collection.


My roommates and my TVs and our mini fridge in my closet


My desk


Looking into the room

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  • 7 months later...

I was bored and decided to re-arrange my room and post some pics....


Some of my coaster collection


My desk, laptop, PSP and various other kinck knacks


My dresser & bed with a chalk drawing of a coaster I done in 11th grade


Here's my entertainment center...with some framed coaster pictures above, and yes...I was watching American Idol lol

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So..this is my room (it's really different than yours!)


Unfortunately we can't see my big Union jack (I don't remember the name of the UK flag... the one with crosses red and white the whole on blue part...) that I bought two years ago in Portsmouth (I love England!!!)


So, tell me what do you think about it!



By the way...1) I'm sorry for the picture quality

2) I didn't see how big are my photos and I can't change it....




My pocket guardian...



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^pretty cool room


Whats up with everyone having TV's in there rooms, can't you watch it in your living room?


I don't know about where you live....but majority of the people in the US probably have tv's in their room....besides...in my house, everybody likes to watch different things,,,,and what better way to do that than watch your own tv, in your own room!

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^ With the exception of about, perhaps, one in about 100, no one in Australia has there own TV in there room. Some may have two TVs, but not necessarily in their bedroom, well, not at my age or even just a bit older (I'm talking up to perhaps 17 or 18 ). As for watching different things, well, sometimes we are courteous and share the TV, or tape things that we want to watch.


Yea... But then how would you fall alseep in your bed watching it?


Well, you obviously wouldn't, now would you! You know, Lot's of people read books to fall asleep, or watch TV before hand, then go to bed. Sounds pretty logical to me.

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First off, people, don't forget to resize your pictures!


Second off, heres my dusty room of doom, complete with video games and park maps.


My bed, complete with some maps on my wall. Oh yeah, check out my random crap bulletin board, the dollar bill was special because some dude put devil horns on George Washington.


Check out my games! NES fo' sho...

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^ With the exception of about, perhaps, one in about 100, no one in Australia has there own TV in there room. Some may have two TVs, but not necessarily in their bedroom, well, not at my age or even just a bit older (I'm talking up to perhaps 17 or 18 ). As for watching different things, well, sometimes we are courteous and share the TV, or tape things that we want to watch.


Yea... But then how would you fall alseep in your bed watching it?


Well, you obviously wouldn't, now would you! You know, Lot's of people read books to fall asleep, or watch TV before hand, then go to bed. Sounds pretty logical to me.




I would take a guess that because in the states we grew up watching tv, it's pretty much glued to our faces... we grow up watching Sesame Street as toddlers then move to cartoons from about age 4 to well some adults still watch them. Then move to Nick and Disney channel... THEN we grow up and watch sitcoms and news... Also we have our kids go through the same process lol (just a stereo type...) So we probably watch a lot more tv than most places. I can't sleep for longer than a week with out a tv in my room with cable... I don't know about others though...

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