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Photo TR: NCC Goes to the Midwest


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That last picture cracks me up.


"Here we have 3 California boys playing with fireworks that would be SUPER ILLEGAL in our neck of the woods. So who is going to light these SHELLS again??....oh yeah that would be not so bright Menefee!"


Awww good times.

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Day 7: Holiday World. We arrived at the park for opening, and headed straight inside. We ended up waiting by the Halloween sign, and waited and waited till finally the rope dropped and we headed back towards Voyage. Of course out of our luck, Voyage was closed, so we headed back up and hit Legend. None the less, we had an outstanding day at the waterpark, spending a good amount of time in Splashing Safari. The park was really amazing, and one of my favorite parks. Now onto Voyage. I will say simply the best Wooden coaster I have ever ridden. The first time the ride was so out of control I almost didn't want to ride it again. But after a few rides, I was so shocked at how amazing the ride is. Go ride it. Picture time.


I'm reading for Holiday World and Voyage.

Getting closer...

Looking off to the left the Raven looms over the parking lot. We actually didn't ride the Raven until day 2.

Now it's time to head on in.

Waiting for the ropes to drop in Christmas.

The ropes drop, and we head back towards Thanksgiving for some Voyage. Needless to say, the ride was still closed due to some problems.

So we did Legend instead. Awesome coaster.

The weather was rediculous. It was like 90 Degrees with 100% Humidity and we all needed to cool off, so we hit up the Rapids ride.

4th of July had this awesome S&S Tower. It really was fun!

We decided to head back and check to see if Voyage was running. None the less, we get back there and this sucker was looming over the park.

One of the final turns before the station.

Gobbler Getaway was up next. A nice little Sally Dark ride.

The Pre-Show for the Gobbler Getaway.

Look at these prices.. I was shocked. This was my first visit to HOliday World. Good and affordable food. I'm hooked.

A shot of the Raven as we headed out on our first day. I didn't take a ton of pictures because we spent a good amount of the day in Splashin Safari.

Dinner was in a German Resteraunt about 30 mins from Holiday World named Schnitzlebank. I had the "Wurst Platter."

Al and I get into the German Spirit!

A final shot from Day one at HW.


I want to take this moment to say how truly impressed i am with Holiday World. On our way out we ran into Pat Koche. Pat is a class act. Everything that she said was so amazing, and truthful. I really wish other park management would take the step that Holiday World is taking. If you haven't had a chance to visit there yet, Its really worth a trip.


So after dinner we headed back into town for our "Bay Area Stupid, Dumb, and Hyphy, Fireworks Extravaganza!" Yea, pretty lame.. None the less, we ended up shooting off these mortars at about 2AM over Santa Claus. Video to come!


Thanks for reading.



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Here are a few more random shots from me till I get off my butt and make my own TR thread I guess. RD has pretty much covered it all so I'll just add a few photos of my own to show off how I saw the parks through my camera.



Bull was one of the better rides on the trip, not super forceful but a ton of fun none the less. You also had to love the fireworks show we got as we started to climb the lift hill at dusk. We got a chance to go through the circuit with fireworks exploding off in the distance. It was a very cool experience.





Al and myself repping the west siiiiidddeee, (well...maybe just me.)



Random Superman shot I'm sure no one has ever thought to take.



The Dizz still waiting for some of that Blue Berry Yum Yum at Holiday World.



Viper from the sky.



This was my favorite of all the Batman rides I've been on. The only downside was the fortress of humidity and ass smell the que line works its way through. On hot days they really need to get some air moving through that area of the line, the stairwell was super gross and sweaty to say the least.


All in all Six Flags Great America was my favorite park of our whole trip with Holiday world in a close 2nd place. I feel I can easily spend 3 days at SFGam and not get bored, (I also kinda felt sorry for PGA after we left. You can really see how much of a beating that park has taken after you visit SFGam for the first time.)



More photos coming soon, and thanks for updating yet again RD.



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Day 8: Holiday World. We woke up late, and decided to do some site seeing before we headed over to Holiday World for another day. So we woke up and headed on out to take some pictures of Santa's Lodge. After snapping a few photos, we drove up the road about five miles to head to the "Lincoln Boyhood Memorial" This is where Lincoln lived for the first few years of his life. Pretty interesting. We headed back into town, and hit up the local museum with plenty of Holiday World stuff, then finally hit up the park. Really spent a lot of time photographing hte park today, and less riding, although we did get a few quality rides on the Voyage, which improved with each ride.


If you haven't seen enough pictures of Santa's Lodge in the last few weeks here are more...

If your going to HW you must stay here. Such a nice hotel.

Frosty doesn't like the sun though...

Onto the Lincoln boyhood memorial. Very intersting.

A shot of the museum.

Myself and good ol' honest Abe.

What ended up a trip to the Post Office, ended up being a trip to the Santa Claus museum.

Lots of awesome Holiday World stuff was strewn across the place.

They even had an old bumper car.

It was time to head into the park finally and hit up some rides.

Fjrst up was Raven. I wasn't super amazed by Raven, but it was still a fun and unique ride. We only rode once.

Myself and the Raven sign.

Ok.. Really we had to get some more Voyage. Another signature shot.

But really.. Let me explain the true gem of HOliday World...

The Blueberry Yum Yum (Ice Cream) was very, very tasty.

$1.90 Ice Cream at a theme park. WOW!?!? It was just damn good. This was the same stuff we paid almost $4.00 for at PKI?!?

After some Yum Yum we headed back to Holidog Fun Town to hit the credit back there. Nice little small kids area.

We also ran into Holidog and had to take a few photos.

Quickly over to Eagles Flight for a quick ride. Fun flyers for sure.

We also hit up the waterpark to look for more signature shots. We found a few...

I can't get enough of this ride.

Another shot of the Raven.

We ended up leaving the park because it was 90 degrees with 100% humidity and we all felt like we had just hopped out of a shower. We headed back to the hotel for a few hours, caught some rest, and then back to the park for some final rides.

Where else did we go? Voyage. That Al and Kelly in the front row.

Had to stop on the way though...

To get myself some "Red Drink."

We actually ended the day laughing at this guy, and headed on outta the park.

Really one of the capstones of the trip outside the parks was going to a good old classic drive in, outside Santa Claus. We headed over to the Santa Claus drive in to watch Cars on opening night. I think the whole town was out at this place.

A final shot from Day 8. A really fun day, and long one.


We ended up spending our final night in Santa Claus and waking up early the next day to head to SFKK for a last few rides. I'll have photos of that later.



I want to take this moment to say how truly impressed i am with Holiday World. On our way out we ran into Pat Koche. Pat is a class act. Everything that she said was so amazing, and truthful. I really wish other park management would take the step that Holiday World is taking. If you haven't had a chance to visit there yet, Its really worth a trip.

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