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hey guys, I was at this event today, and i won a bunch of tickets to 3 theme parks in a raffle. I got 2 tickets to disneyland, 2 to magic mountain, and 4 to 6 flags marine world. I've been to and love disneyland and magic mountain, but I have not been to marine world. Is a cool park?

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It's my home park, and though it's not a world-class destiination park by any means, I like it. But one reason I like it is because of the (controversial, I know) animal stuff.


There are only a few notable coasters: Medusa West (like Scream, but not as intense or painful), Roar West (a good woody), the world's only impulse coaster with a diagonal front spike, and Zonga, an old Schwarzkopf, since reprofiled. There's also an SLC, boomerang, some flats. But I like to take a break from riding and see the killer whale show, the dolphins, hand-feed giraffes, watch the walruses, the tigers, etc.


Since SFWOA closed, SFMW has gotten a lot of their animals: there are now 4 dolphins in the show rather than 2. And soon there's going to be a feed-the-dolphins attraction. It's kinda like the SeaWorlds, but with land animals, too. But if you're an animal rights type, or bored by the idea of looking at butterflies, you might be disappointed...

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SFMW's a nice park I'd have to say. Here's my mini coaster review:


Kong: Just a SLC..don't ride if there's a long line (over 15 minutes wait)

Avoid back seat!!! Repeat: Avoid back seat...true definition of a Vekoma Hang n bang!


Boomerang: Again, it's a boomerang but I think they are a bit fun while painful...again, don't go if there's a long line


Medusa: Smooth beemer is all I can say. Unique straight first drop unlike other beemers out there. Best inversion is the Zero G roll. Sit in the front seat.


Zonga: Don't sit in wheeled seats and stay near the front. It's fun and intense but prepare yourself.


Roar: Fun rough ride. Lacks airtime (limited to first drop and airtime hill) but has plenty of lat's.

Cobra: Fun kiddy/family coaster


V2.5 (Aka V2): Fun ride...lines move pretty quick for it. Take a floater on there for the rear spike. Tamer launch than it's previous existance but still one of my fav rides there


RoadRunner Express: Kiddy torture device! These slam on the brakes causing helpless kiddies to jolt forward. Haven't ridden at all and no plans on it.


You can say that there's something there for everyone there: For those who are part of the group but don't go on the rides can check out all the animals and shows. If you like the park, buy a season pass so you can use it @ other SF parks. Hopefully we do passes this year...looking @ costs and time this year before making the move.

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I think they're all great parks. I especially like that MW is growing so much. Maybe they'll be like BGT one day and be like a half zoo/half park. Those are cool. Poor MM, it needs serious help. It needs help. They're still all great parks and make sure you go to all of them.

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