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Revenge of the GeoDuck!!!!!

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I remember when the gay squaredance club(s) in Seattle used to plan a WEEKEND around the (ugh) the thing........


Gawd, I even have memories of CENTERPIECES on appetizer tables with......


....no....can't say it....... it....... them............ euuuuuuuuu.


In the middle of freakin' FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS, too! (eep)


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Who would've dreamed this thread could possibly be resurrected? If anyone's interested, next week's "Dirty Jobs" features a "Geoduck Farmer" among others, and is appropriately titled "Geoduck Farmer" (wow, creative).


It'll be on Discovery at 9:00 PM, next Wed., July 18th. Enjoy! I know I'm marking my calendar...


Wow! Awesome! Elissa, be sure to set the Tivo!


--Robb "Still scared of that thing....the Tivo, not the GeoDuck!" Alvey

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tuesday on the discovery channel
Show: Dirty Jobs

Episode: Geoduck Farmer

Dirty Jobs: Malibu Bay preservation, pipe organ specialist, geoduck farmer

Premiere: July 18,2006

Thanks for the heads-up...never woulda know it was on otherwise...



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Those are some unusually long Geoducks, they generally don't get that long.


Geoduck is a pretty cool clam. It can be very tasty if used the right way. I love peoples reaction the first time they see one!


I wonder if anyone here has ever heard of/seen a black chicken. Yes, black chicken as in the meat and bones are black. There is even an Indonesian breed that is completely black (feathers, beak, eyes, feet, mouth, meat, bones, etc). They taste similar to regular chicken, but can be a bit more tough if not prepared well. They are natural anti-oxidants, so they are healthy and great to use in a stew.

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