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Just to let everybody know, I have wierd, depressing, scary dreams. This is probably one of the most recent.


So, I went to sleep while watching TV so in my dream it was like I never went to sleep and something kept telling me "this is real". So, I look to the left of the TV and there's a face on the wall just staring at me. I get up and all the sudden the face turns horrible and scary and blackness oozes down the walls so i can't see anything but the face. I walk towards it and swing at it and it evaporates and comes back together and stares at me more, in a way that's like "GRRRRR", so I run and I keep hearing something hiss "this is real, this is real" and I ran into the hall where all the pictures have that face and once again the blackness is oozing down the walls and so I run through a door into my mom's room. I told my mom to wake up and when she rolled over she had that face. It was like everything went black except the face which had like fangs and evilness everywhere. It kept whispering and I couldn't wake up then finally I woke up and I was shaking and sweating.

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Last night I was talking about how we would create our own x men characters.


I went into such elaborate detail about it, it was just awesome.


I had dreams like I was one of those.


My x-men character is named claymore. A solider back from the Nam era. I am a Green Beret and I am about 58 years old, but look like I do now. My powers were to age things, or degress them. In a sense, I can heal myself, or kill others with it. I am strong, stronger than most. I can also teleport. My main power is that on control when I touch things, I basically make the molecules very unstable, and causing whatever I touch to explode. Not in a huge fashion like Gambit, but close. I have some psionic powers in whcih I have small fashioned harpoons underneath each wrist. Like a wrist rocket.


Anyway, since we were talking about that before we went to sleep, I had a dream about that.


Me, Gambit, Storm, and Iceman were battling some mutants, not magneto or his gang. These guys were strong. Alot of psychic mutants.


Iceman started to freeze one, I teleported under the bridge, and punched the bridge that these enemies were standing on, and punched it once, then the entire thing basically crumbled and disintigrated. This threw off the evil mutants and cancelled whatever telekinetic crap they were pulling.


One tried to get inside my brain, but since I had a small amount of psionic power, I blocked it, but just barely. It made me confused when I teleported, and I was on the other side of where I wanted to be. Since I have anger issues, and flashbacks. One of them reminded me of one of the VC that had killed my fire team, way back when. I ripped a lightpole out of the ground charged it up, and basically smashed 2 of them weak little psychic mutants.


The lightpole exploded in a glorious fashion that brought tears to my eyes.


Gambit was running around and charging everything in sight. he charged up this Land Rover that was parked near the now non existent bridge. Since Gambit doesnt have uber strength, he asked me if I could throw it. No problem. I even helped supercharge it. I grabbed it from the undercarriage lifted it above my head, and teleported with it, and I was right above the remaining 3 of the 5 mutants. I threw it down, and before it exploded, I teleported back to the rest of the crew.


Then, on the way back, I got really angry at the rest of the team for some reason. They really pissed me off. (I think I was in Milwaukee, not sure though) There is this one bank building there the M&I bank bulding, biggest in the city I think.


I was soo enranged at them. I just charged up most of my remaining energy, and punched the base as hard as I could. The entire building started to collapse. That wasn't all. It seemed as if my powers have grew to an aura, and made the surrounding buildings start to age and crumble. Even my team mates, started to age very quickly.


It was just weird I think, especially when we were talking about this before I went home.


It was kind of neat though.


So yea, that was my dream.

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For some reason, I can only remember some dreams, and those are invariably weird. One of them involved a trip to IOA in some universe where the "islands" were scattered around a city and one had to take buses to get to the islads. Another one involved a real-life RCT park (complete with non-real supports and 90 degree paths), but the latest one was the most absurd. It was something like an epic movie involving a complicated series of alliances in a huge castle, and ended with a large battle where pretty much everybody (but me) got killed. There were dragons in there somewhere... My question is: Where does my mind get these things? Another one was about me staying up way too late to watch a TV version of FD3, which changed into me being on the ride while it crashed and sent everybody flying into a snowy wilderness, and then it turned into some kind of Incredible Journey thing to get back, and my alarm went off during a scene where I was hanging on to a roof rack of a mimivan traveling down a road in the woods. When I woke up, I thought, WTF?

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This was a couple nights ago, actually.


A freind's parents were murdered. She got out alive. Since she was most likely next on their hit list, she now lives at my house. We both still go to school, and because we are such dumbass, we tell pratically everybody on campass that she is at my house now.


One morning, I wake up to find three black vans on my front driveway. I panic and try to find a way out (my room is on the second level) before the would be murders find me.


Then I wake up for real...

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I had a really creepy dream last night. It was something like, the grim reaper texted me and told me that he would come kill me in two days. I was really scared of course. So I went to my brother and told him, and he said that he got a text a few days before that said the same thing, but he escaped the reaper. He said he couldn't remember how though. So the two days went by and I was freaking out. I ended up in this really wierd alley. There were cheap metal roofs around and by one roof, there was this door. It was dark, and I stood there and looked up to see the grim reaper come out of the door and look down at me. It creeped me out so bad. Then I woke up. I was really out of it, and somehow thought it was real, and that if I went back to sleep that I would die. So I prayed, and I went back to sleep and had a dream that I lost my luggage..on some sort of desolate mountain with a bunch of other people. So I searched for my luggage until I woke up in the morning.

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This morning, for some reason I had a dream that I was walking home from work and found a duffle bag in the street....So I picked it up and went home. When I opended the bag, it contained $12 Million and an video I-Pod with video instructions to spend majority of the money without telling anyone, no questions asked. So then, I bought anything and everything i've every dreamed of like: My own House, a Cadillac XLR, Various Electronics ect. until I was down to $100,000 , in which then I told my family and they all disowned me....Thats when I woke up...lol...I haven't the slightest idea why I had dreamed that

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i had kinda real crap dream last night and looks i was ridin' on

Vekoma loopin' so i've got tons of bangs in the head! was too

nasty takin' for me since i then wanted to have a dream i'm

screamin' out loud on Nitro with the Robb's and the rest ol' TPR guys!!

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i had about 5-6 dreams... strange.


1) we were going on a camp or something and the plane crashed. i yelled 'Vekoma much?'. we all survived and everyone found it great fun. however, the story goes for a table-turning twist of events: it was actually a coach! (ok... so that didnt make much sense)


*EDIT* i went to Pleasure Wood hills and they got the worlds biggest, fastest, scariest inverted freefall ride which was made of wood.


Uh-oh, i think my brains running in over-time now...

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My dream was pretty extensive.


Started off driving to (I guess ohio) and we stopped at a store. We were skateboarding outside, even though I don't skateboard, and went into a convienence store. We were looking around at all the stuff they had and I got accused of stealing, but they accused wrong.


So then we drove to a mall and went into a store, I was looking at all the sunglasses finding out a pair I wanted. Then the store closed and we left. We went outside to find the car and it looked like the mall was 1,000ft tall, insane. Then we drove past geauga lake and went to Cedar Point. We got there late (I remember my watch said 5:45, so we got the starlight ticket or whatever... I ended up getting an annual pass.


Then we got inline for TTD which had an automatic moving floor for the line so you didn't have to walk. It went over and under the launch track to build up your adderellen (I know I spelled that wrong).. I started getting nervous and we were almost to the point of boarding when a horn honked ouside my window and woke me up.


That was my dream last night. Weird.

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^ The irony is, those two dreams are very similar to each other.




I couldn't really explain my dream. But I did try "yogurt-flavored Coke" in it and didn't quite fancy it.







...yea, I'll go seek help.




...You've had that dream too? I had one of those with coke and some other stuff after I started getting into the whole yogurt fad, the day I tried yogurt cheerios and yogurt covered pretzels and so on... only I LIKED the yogurt coke. Last night I had a dream my friend's mom randomly called and asked me to go to WDW with them. I went with his family 2 years in a row a few years ago, and they leave today I think and stay for a week, and I had a dream they called up and were like "hey come on!" I miss WDW .

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