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I had two strange dreams last night...


Dream number one: I was at the Disneyland Resort, but...well, it was better. I don't remember, but it was somehow a lot better than how the real one is.


Of course, it took a wrong turn when I killed like five of my close family members (two cousins, little brother, and I think my mom).


I need some help!


Dream number two: I don't know what I thinking about here, but I saw Hinata and Naruto (from the anime) in some mud bath spa...place. The two were hugging and kissing, and then...things got a bit X-rated from there.



Anyone know a good but cheap therapist?

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^ I'd say not to worry about it, everyone has the occasional weird nightmare. unless you have them every week, then you need to see someone.


Hate to be religious on this, but seeing your local priest or praying to god helps. Along with putting a dreamcatcher near your bed, those really help, I have one near my bed and I never have nightmares and when I do it's usually me prevailing over the darkness in my dreams.


My most recent one?:


There was a 3 alarm fire at my school, the fire department and paramedics were en-route. They got delayed due to an accident 4 blocks from my school, so I had run in and get my friends out and I got 2 out. But before I could get to the other 3 I encountered the Devil and he would not allow me to access the hallway in which my 3 friends were stuck in a certain room. We exchanged several sentences about how strong being good and bad are, and then 2 angels appeared to help me and he got stronger.


The angels gave me a sword and shield to due battle with him, and they left not without weaking him slightly and leaving me to fight. We fought for about 2 hours, and then he surrendered and fled from the mortal world as he called it, and he said he would return.


I opened to door, 2 were passed out due to smoke and the third friend helped me remove the other 2 to safety.


as I looked at my school's 2nd floor burning, and the police captain in charge asked me why I took so long, I said, I had an encounter with a paranormal foe. He said who was it? and I said, nevermind officer. I'll will see him again, just in another place and another time.


I look towards to school again, up to the heavens and to the people around me and then I wake up. With the awestruck face of the Captain still staring at me.

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I had a very, very disturbing dream last night. And to make things worse, it's the first dream in like a year that I remember.


I was playing this virtual life thing, except I was actually IN it, like one of the characters. It was like a future school kinda thing, and in the bathroom, somebody told me I needed to get a urine sample for some reason. And it had something to do with the dwarf Dopey, but I can't remember that detail. So I go in there, and they're giving an-- have you seen that picture of the school bulletin where the I in Final Exams fell over? Yeah. It was that. And I freaked out, ran out of the bathroom, when over the announcements they said that they had to give the "exams" TODAY. And then I woke up.


You guys don't even have to say it... WTF?!

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Hello. Did people stop dreaming of interesting things?


Well, I have had 2 dreams that may be of strange interest.

One night I dreamt that I was on a TPR trip and was gonna ride a Diving Coaster. Now as always, dreams put things out of proportion so it seemed like a Juniour dive because it wasn't very tall and the cars (6 seated) were slightly extra small. Also, got the feeling we were in Japan because some of the other riders looked Asian. The Coaster went up the hill, turned a bit, then stopped at the holding break. The coaster stood there for what seemed like 10 seconds (or was it 5 'dream seconds'), and then we dove down, went up into a loop, and didn't make it all the way so we ended up doing a rollback, then forward, then back, forward, back, and so on until it was safe to step off. Discussion occured around the group and I awoke.

Another night I had a quick dream of that Big Mike visited me in my flat and I was showing off some stuff, and showing how much I was keeping an eye on his Road Show all of a sudden.


Question... After visiting a handfull of TPR people in Liseberg on the 15th of June, am I a little obsessed now?



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I keep having these recurring dreams where all my friends and family are crowding round me, shouting at me and all really angry, then i jump in the air and fly away. The place i go to is always really bright and lit up (but at night time) and has flat rides and such in it, kinda like Oktoberfest or something, except by the sea. Whenever i wake up or think about it i feel like i really miss it and have to go back!


Oh yeah, and sometimes im on a motorcyle with this big guy im friends with, going to the same place for the same reason.


Uh... what the hell??

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My dreams tend to be the same. An example of what they are like


A go into a diner. I see a older waitress that ask for my order. I order 1 burger with cheese old. It arrives 15 minutes later. I take a bit, go "wow that is good," finish my meal and pay.


As boring as it is, that is my dreams.

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I recently had a dream that I failed all my courses and I was forced out of the house to live on my own. I'm not sure whether or not it was supposed to be a good dream or not...


I also recently have dreams where I'm going on trips to parks I've never been to. Before I make it to the front gate, I wake up.

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During my dream the night before last, I was thinking about the coasters at CGA and SFDK and one or two of them appeared in some random mall, and not the way they are in real life. (I just knew they were from those parks.) At some point I thought I was awake and attempted to do a head-to-head comparison of the coasters at SFDK versus the ones at CGA. Then I apparently actually woke up and thought, "I'm doing this all wrong, I'm comparing the wrong pairs of coasters, and even trying to compare ones that don't even exist!" So then I tried to do it "right", but I think I fell asleep again because I got endlessly confused before I got it all sorted.

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I had a weird dream...


I was in the underwater city of Oto Gunga from Star Wars with Robb and Elissa and for some reason they were recruited in the Gungan army and when they returned (they were O.K.) we went in the Pod Race on Tatooine and drove around. Then I went to KBF with my Mom and brother and after we rode XLR8R we bought TPR T-shirts.


I have NO idea what my brain was doing last night but that's what I dreamed.


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Yesterday I took a nap and dreamed that a weird virus was released into the environment that slowly killed people over the course of several weeks while causing them to ooze green slime from their mouths. Oddly, the virus also granted them super-human strength and made them extremely hostile towards those who weren't infected. The entire dream revolved around me trying to flee from the infected people by running through abandoned buildings, a subway, some weird guy's apartment that was filled with heaps of pornographic images and magazines, the Greenbrier, and a Cleveland ghetto that for some bizarre reason had Volcano: The Blast Coaster right in the middle of it.


I blame it all on a lack of sleep and a crappy breakfast.

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So ill dig up an old thread here to post a weird/funny dream I had last night. I was in a mall on a tpr trip and knocked into elissa by accdent. I then found out we could hear each others thoughts and every word we spoke no matter where we were. We were just starting to solve the mystery with Robb and Katies, my gf, help when my alarm woke me up.

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I'll have to summarize since my last dream was so vivid and complex, but here are parts of it:

- I had plans to depart on a full Washington coaster trip, including some parks that aren't even in or near Washington.

- I was very delayed in getting ready; thankfully, my fellow travelers showed up late, but then I still wasn't ready!

- I discovered I owned three identical copies of my aging wallet, including one in perfect condition.

- An indoor car show mysteriously appeared in front of my eyes.

- Some other creepy stuff.

- I finally woke up after having serious semi-wakeful thoughts about some park mixed with dreaming.

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I had a dream about a month ago that honestly was pretty epic. It was like an action/thriller movie, except it was actually happening(in my dream).


I was about 20 years older and had a job at a police department. I was taking a one month vacation after I heard that a fellow officer had been killed on the job. Turns out, there was this group of killers with a hitlist killing off police officers, and, unbeknownst to me, I was next on the list. I was living in Tennessee at the time and was heading to some small ocean town in Florida (didn't think a name was specified). This faction somehow knew where I was going. My girlfriend and I are there for about three days and I get a note that says "Don't try to run, we will kill you". That was when I knew that people were after us. I go to a gun store and buy a semi-automatic Mac11. Being an expert of firearms I am able to convert it to full-auto(since it is legal for police officers to have them). I tell my girlfriend to stay in the house we are staying at while I go looking for these guys. I am walking through a parking lot and I hear something coming from across the lot, then hear something go right by my ear. I knew it was a gunshot. I take out my Mac11 and hide behind a car. I look across the lot from where I heard the shot but don't see anything. I then hear another shot from a different spot in the lot. I run around the back of the building and narrowly avoid another shot. I run to the end of the building and peek around the corner and see the shooter heading to where I ran behind the building. I shoot him in the leg, not giving him a chance to find me. I quickly move in and kick him in the head, knocking him out. Even though I'm off duty, I still have handcuffs. So I cuff him up and take him to the police station for questioning. I go back to the house and let my girlfriend know I'm home, but she doesn't say anything. I don't know where she is so I go looking for her. I find her in the bedroom closet tied up with tape over her mouth. The rest is kind of foggy and I don't really remember much about it. I swear on my life I AM NOT making this up. I am even considering finishing it and turning it into a book.

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