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Which Country Will Win?  

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  1. 1. Which Country Will Win?

    • Brazil (defending champs)
    • ENGLAND (rank 2)
    • SPAIN (rank 3)
    • GERMANY (rank 4)
    • MEXICO (rank 5)
    • USA (rank 9)

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Today's USA vs Ghana. They have to win in order to stay alive, and of course Italy has to win their match in order to keep america in. USA isnt my team, but it would be nice to see how far they can go in the knock off rounds.

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Well, looks like the US blew it against Ghana, as the game's almost over now, and thus, any lingering american interest in soccer this year, will completely shrink away. But don't worry, we Americans have the perfect summer sport...a game where people hit things with a wooden bat.


But hey...at least there's no ties in baseball!

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Can someone please explain how the heck we can Tie to Italy, but lose to GHANA?!?!?


Italy BEAT ghana 2-0... and we tied with italy, but we lost to ghana.



Somthing is messed up there.


Oh Well, that's pretty freakin awsome that ghana won. it's their very first year in the world cup, and they already are in the quarterfinals.


talk about Pwnage. i bet all the other teams that didn't make it feel pretty crappy right now. (except togo, ivory coast and Trinidad&Tobago. it was there first year)

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I really, really don't like soccer/football!


But...there was something kind of cool about being in Europe during the World Cup. They're all INSANELY into it which was kind of entertaining. Now that I'm back in America I haven't heard a damn think about the tournament! I actually went online the other day to see what was going on since I missed it!


I'll never forget watching the BBC and having Breaking News (I'm terrified thinking it's something awful that will ruin the trip!) and it's that England scored a goal! It was so funny! Also, getting updates on all of our flights about scores! Too funny!

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The least funny thing of the whole UK trip was Richard thinking it'd be funny to wear a Sweden shirt while sitting next to me on the flight, coming back from Sweden, during the England vs. Sweden match. B*stard.


I'm nervous about tomorrow... My nails barely survived last week's match, and I smoked double the usual amount... My lungs and hands can't take the pressure!

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Soccer is everyting in Europe. Its just like baseball or football here. My whole family coming from Greece means that the World Cup is always on. My grandfather was pissed that Greece didnt make it so he wont watch lol!


Anyways... Good game today between Germany and Argentina. I like games that end up in penalty shots.

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