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Gulf Coast is screwed 2006 EDITION


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In the yearly tradition (June 1st-November 1st) of Flor... err, Gulf Coast is screwed threads, you know what this means? Its hurricane season again. Hoping this year wouldn't screw up any other cities like New Orleans and Katrina, its only been 10 days and we now have our first storm.


NOAA's official site (National Hurricane Center)


So now on to the first storm of the season, Tropical Storm Alberto. Spotted yesterday as a depression in the Gulf, today it has intensified to a tropical storm. Its unlikely this storm would furthen into hurricane territory (thank god). Projected paths show the storm would head into the "Big Bend" area of Florida, Tampa Bay, or Panama City.



Wouldn't be too worried, but don't forget to always be prepared, especially after the past two seasons.

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Thats one of the bad things about living in that area. I would love to live there because it is hot and sunny, with the thunderstorms every afternoon. But then hurricanes every summer. I remember my first hurricane, Hurricane Dennis, which was very mild compaired to other ones.

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