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Rumblefest TR (with video)

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Well we slept in later after waking up at 4 on thursday and friday and at 7 on saturday, so we left for the park at around 10 and actually got in at around 1:30. got right in line for Rumbler and got a back seat ride. The ride is really good and is very very smooth. it has a few good moments of airtime and is really really twisted. I love night rides on it because it actually has headlights, and to quote Jeff Pike (the designer of the ride) "they are way stinkin' cool". so after rumbler we went and rode the Looping Star, which was so rough it actualy left a bruise on my back! :shock: After the Looping Star we rode the drop tower called the Shock Drop which was one of the strangest drop rides ever, because it lifts at about 2 mph and then just drop without warning once it reaches the top. a cool little ride. After shock drop we rode the Wild Mouse which was alot like Ragin' Cajun but lamer. so after that we rode the dragon coaster which of course was the most insane coaster ever after the dragon we rode the Scat 2 which was honestly the most intence and insane flat ride ever, which was seriously forceful. so after the Scat 2 we met up with the guys from Tommy and James.net and we all rode the haunted house, which was the lamest dark ride ever. so after that we rode the antique cars. then it was time for Dinner, which was a stampede of ACErs then the ERT began. We were the first ones on Rumbler durring ERT, and it was running very nicely. We then rode Looping Star about 5 times...ouch...then we got about 17 rides on Rumbler durring the course of the night, including one of the best on ride photos ever taken (photo taken courtsey of Tommy and James.net )



We rode until 12:30 (ERT ran late thanks to me providing Jeff Pike and Chris Grey with Starbucks) and then got some White Castle on the way back to the hotel. Over all it was a very good trip. although Beech Bend was a very strange park, it was exactly like a carnival that never left, but Rumbler was very good.


Video is

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