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Six Flags Park With the Best Environment

Which Park?  

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  1. 1. Which Park?

    • Six Flags Fiesta Texas
    • Six Flags Great America
    • Six Flags America
    • Six Flags St. Louis
    • Six Flags New England
    • Six Flags Elitch Gardens
    • Six Flags Great Adventure
    • Six Flags Over Texas
    • Six Flags Magic Mountain
    • Other...

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I voted Other...


This is because in my opinion none of the Six Flags park have both "Friendly Staff" and "Nice Scenery".


Friendly Staff - SFoT


Nice Scenery - SFMM


Neither of those have the other though!


Elissa "how about SFB as a former six flags park that has both!" Alvey

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^Oh yeah!


But...the scenery...mountains in the background, trees everywhere, etc.(nothing that SF did, but just the natural coolness of the location) can't be beat in my opinion.


Elissa "not much else positive to say about the place!" Alvey

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Neither of the SF parks I've been to have friendly employees.


Both SFMM and SFGrAdv have impressive settings. SFMM with the mountains and SFGrAdv being surrounded by those wetlands. The view from Nitro is very very pretty.

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Have only been to 3 1/2 SF parks (including WOA after it GLed), not enough to vote meaningfully. (Tho I'll add a couple more in June.)


My home park is SFMW, which I rather like. But it's damn schizophrenic. It's on the shore of a lake, and parts of it are quite pretty. (And they're doing a major renovation of the aquatic area.) On the other hand, having an undisguised parking lot, complete with white lines, under all of Medusa is inexcusable. At least paint it over, guys!


Likewise, the ride ops are neither very friendly nor efficient. However, many of the employees in the wildlife areas (butterfly house, bird show, tiger island, the 50 First Dates walrus pool) have been quite friendly and helpful. Sorry, PETA...

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I havent been too SFOT, but of all the SF parks i have been too i would vote for SFGAM. It has the best combination of being clean, having a friendly staff(not that standards are that high with SF), landscaping,

While it doesnt have3 the moutains in the distance that SFMM has, it is better in every other respect and offers a much safer enviroment IMHO.

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I like Six Flags Darien lake, because its small and I like how the rides are built around water. Boomerang and Mind Eraser are very photogenic with the scenery around them, and the way that Superman pops up over the trees and appears from nowhere on the highway is very cool.. And the staff have always been friendly for me, and the bathrooms and stuff are clean everytime im there.


The giant wheel also has one of the best views of a park.. I always bring a camera when im on it.

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My vote for best is SFOG. The park has a lot of "natural beauty" to it, and most fo the park is fairly well themed and takes advantage of the terrain.


When I'm stressed and need ot go to a mental "happy place", one of my favorite places to think of is sitting in a rocking chair at the Riverview Carousel on a hot summer day, and catching a cool breeze coming off the Chatahoochee River, while the band organ plays.

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Six Flags Great America made a great change for the better last year... staff seemed much better, and they had three train op on Raging Bull, even on a Monday (so it only had a five minute wait.) In addition, the only ride closed was Ice Mountain Splash (Logger's Run only had a five minute wait anyways.) Deja Vu was operating with a full line, but only an hour wait.


But last year, at about the same time, over five rides were closed on a Tuesday or Wednesday, I think, and many other rides opened at noon. Raging Bull ran two trains, but its wait was over thirty minutes. Very dissapointing.


SFGAm has always been a good park and a great Six Flags park. They keep getting better year after year, and hopefully the waterpark will make an even better park.


I voted for SFGAm because of the following:

1) Great trees in the older areas of the park

2) The Whizzer's setting... simply amazing.

3) Southwest Territory... great area and it's themed very well. Also holds two of the best coasters in the park: Viper and Raging Bull. (Although American Eagle forwards was running amazing when I was there... blew Viper out of the water. I don't know what they did to it, but it was awesome and very smooth. And it was racing! There were also very few brakes on the ride, espically compared with earlier years. They were still on fairly heavy for backwards, but that's probably because the trains don't run as well backward, and tear up the track)

4) Good staff. Most of them are very efficient and pretty darn good.

5) Overall "Fun" Factor. I had an amazing time last year, and it made me want to come back again some other time. Few Six Flags parks can do that, which is the problem of Six Flags.

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I'm not sure. My favorite Six Flags park as a whole is SFGAm, but the overall nicest park would be SFOG. It's the prettiest SF park I've been to. Granted, I have only been to 4 Six Flags parks (5 if you count SFWOA). I guess I should go with SFOG then.

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Six Flags over Georgia has nice folks. Six Flags Great America's staff looks worse than the average 'carny' at the local fair. I am still upset though SFGA's got KingDa Ka instead of SFOG. Rumour in Atlanta was it was down to Great America and Georgia...and New Jersey won.

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I really liked/like Six Flags over Georgia's atmosphere. I think its amazing. I dont know why, but theres something to that six flags park that makes it seem different than the others (although it is very similiar to SFoT, theres a few things I notice at the park that makes me like it alot)


I also visited SFFT and SFoT last year and have to say they were both really nice, I was surprised how pretty SFFT was and the setting and landscaping the park had.


-Justin "At least theres 3 good Six Flags parks out there!"

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