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Holiwood Nights TR, with video

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We got to the park at 1:30 after an eight hour drive. we got in and headed straight for Raven which was running amazing as usual and was a great 10/10. After Raven we went to Legend to ride this awesome woodie, which was slightly rough but still a 10/10. After riding Legend we grabbed some free soda and went to ride the most amazing looking ride ever, the Voyage! we waited about 7 minutes and hopped in the front row. the first thing you notice about the Voyage is how incredibly large the ride is. the first drop is extremly steep and gives some nice whiping airtime in the back seat. the first large bunny hill produces some major airtime as it speeds over as well as the second hill. after the second bunny hill is a dip into an underground tunnel which is about 15 colder then the air just like hades, followed by a very small bunny hill into another underground tunnel. after the second underground experience you hit the turn around, which is the most insane part of the whole ride, it contains two 90 degree banked turns and many good pops of airtime. after the turnaround you hit anouther underground tunnel and get a few precious seconds to actually breathe. Once you get off the midcourse brakes you hit the undergoround triple down which must go at least 40 feet below the sweet sweet land. after coming above the ground you hit another tiny bunny hill that produces sick amounts of airtime, followed by a turn and another 90 degree banked turn. after the 3rd 90 degree banked turn it does a quick turn around and pop of airtime over the lift hill. after that you go into a tunnel that is right next to the queue house, and we like to call it the "shamu tunnel". after the Shamu tunnel you get a turn around with some massive airtime and into underground tunnel under the midway. finally you hit one last turn around and hit the brakes. what a kick ass ride, unlike any wooden coaster ever. it is easily the best wooden coaster I've ever ridden and at night it is completely insane. so anyway, at 6 they made all those who were with the event go to the picnic grove and wait to ride durring ERT, Durring the ERT the sunset and it became pitch black and the night rides began, Raven at night was insane and had a great ride same with Legend. Voyage was so insane at night I couldnt even keep my hands up :shock: so I got about 5 on Raven 5 on Legend and 3 on Voyage. what a great night!



we got to the park at around 8:45 for the morning water park ERT. I rode Zinga once, the mat racers twice and the lazy river once. Then I walked around the waterpark to get some footage. we had to drive back to the hotel (about 30-45 minutes) but I got back at around 1:45, at which time I met up with the guys from Tommy and James.net and we all had fun! at 4 pm I went on the Voyage walkback and got some nice exclusive footage of the Voyage, and then I rode Voyage again! after that, I rode Legend and went back and rode Voyage once again. after that we headed down to get dinner, which had a longer line then the coasters! during night time ERT I rode Voyage, then mini marathoned Legend in the front row with 5 rides, but this really weird crazy guy rode with me and he had a whistle that he blew right before the first drop...WEIRD...then I mini marathoned Raven with 4 rides. then I went back and rode Voyage again. after that I mini marathoned Legend once again with 5 rides in the second to last car. then I headed over to Raven to grab 4 rides in a row including the last ride of the night. It was a great event with amazing coasters and some great friends. I want to thank Holiday World for hosting such an awesome event.



video has been posted

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