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Photo TR: Knoebels 6-9-06

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We arrived at 1030am and the Rides opened at 11am so we had time to check out the Flying Turns. I have to admit that looking at the statistics ( http://www.rcdb.com/id3458.htm ) I really am not expecting too much of a thrill from the ride but seeing it in person blew me away with how SHARP the turns are. Top speed may be 25mph but you will feel so out of control that it will not matter, Hopefully it will be done by PPP.


Had a special today- ride all you can for 4 hours for $13.25 (not bad at all)


Phirst we hit Phoenix (1 train, 6 rides on the day) WOW! I had not been to Knobels since 2001 and that year Phoenix was a little rough on the return run but Today it was smooth as glass and Mad Air Everywhere, It felt like a brand new coaster.


Twister (1 train, 6 rides on the day) This thing is still fast and out of control but some of the turns have got a little rough (but not unbearable by any means) Sadly my favorite part seems to have lost its big air pop (entering the double helix) a little air but not nearly as good as 5 years ago.


we rode the new Looper flat ride....CrAzY!, most flat rides I can handle all day but this one is Wild as hell and lasts Forever (but you can control the wildness) you can see a pic here http://www.knoebels.com/thrill.htm


Also rode Fandango a nice Mini-Max air.


Funny things on the day


Rained on one of our Twister rides and this Teenage girl turns around and says "Open your mouth it tastes good"


This Teenage kid was waiting behind us in line for Twister and he is telling his friends that they have a much bigger coaster than this (Twister) I asked him if he was refering to the Phoenix, He had a blank stare and said "ugghh yea" I told him Twister is much bigger than Phoenix, He had the most serious look and said "NO its not!" I just Laughed how can you argue with a "know it all" Teenager.


Well we left right as the Monsoon came (3pm) so that is all...any questions feel free to ask.


Enjoy the pics,





















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Great PTR pdkcoaster. I want to ride a flying turns! I like rollercoasters and I like swinging from side to side on a track! I think it will open in 2007, but I might do a Pennsylvanna Coaster Ossidy then!

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