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Any ideas for the next official TPR trip floating around?

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Lewis & Clark-201 years later!



Galaxyland (Schwartzkopf death coaster)



Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Village


Remlinger Farms

Fun Forest (Gayway)

Playland at the PNE

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Japan 2007? 2 weeks? I'M IN!


Could be a slight issue getting 3 weeks off, but I've already been making some plans based off of hoping that is the plan for next year. I want to try to make a stop in California for a few days before going on to Tokyo, and flight wise it actually works out cheaper if I do that...by about $300cdn.

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One of the trips could be like... TPR attacks Ohio


Where we would take a 5 day trip to go to Cedar Point, Paramount's Kings Island, and Geauga Lake... maybe a few more - that would be fun!


Sorry for the late reply, but I totally agree. We should have a midwest tour involving the 3 CF properties in OH, and possibly the parks in Kentucky and Indiana.

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Japan would be tasty, that new 4D looks incredible and maybe just maybe SD2000 might have re-opened (can only hope). Plenty of coasters, might get past 200 after a trip like that.


Great coming up from Australia, not much of a time difference, so no jet lag.

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This is what we announced on the coach for our 2007 trips:


July - Spain trip with Italy Add-On

August - USA Mid-West trip

September - Japan


More details will be available in August (if not sooner). Members of the UK Trip have "dibs" on all future TPR trips.



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Im now counting down the days untill September.... Maybe even August, that is if I get a spot. But good trip ideas! I know Ill be going to Spain at the end of the school year next year, but still these planned trips are the best idea thats ever happened to the enthusiast industry.


Colin C

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August - USA Mid-West trip.



What states are we covering? I mean, I know OH, IN, and KY, but what else? I'm thinking Pennsylvania, so we can ride that new bobsled, and add a fourth CF park. Everyone make sure to buy a CF pass!

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