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Any ideas for the next official TPR trip floating around?

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The TPR Official trips look very fun. The footage from day one has more than convinced me and most likely my wife (she's not a coaster/park fanatic, but she loves to travel. She can be the camera girl) to seriously consider the next such trip.


I've searched the site and I haven't really seen a mention of possibilities for the next trip.


We can go ahead and rule the UK out, but it appears that TPR has been to Japan and Europe recently already, so I'm not sure how likely these might be.


Any thoughts?







For those of you interested but Lazy...this is what has been announced so far for 2007:


- USA Midwest Trip, Approx 10 days, Parks will include Cedar Point, Holiday World, Indiana Beach, Beech Bend, Dells, SFGAm, Geauga Lake, Kings Island, etc.


- Spain, Approx 6 days with an optional addon to Italy


- Japan, Approx 2 Weeks


More details on all trips including dates, prices, preliminary itinerary, etc to be announced in August.[/color]

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We're going to be announcing soon (read next week or two) about a couple of trips we have planned for 2007. Stay tuned!




Wow, thanks for the quick response, Robb. Didn't expect any answers until the group returned.


I didn't know the English had discovered the internet yet, I guess.



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well on "in the loop" Robb mentioned something about a 2007 Japan trip.


I hope there is a US trip because it would....

-attract more of the 16-21 age group

-cost less money

-no currency confusions

-maybe attract TPR families


Personally, Japan sounds like fun. But I would rather stay in the country because it would be so much cheaper.

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