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The Official "TPR 2006 UK Tour" Thread!

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Okay. If I ever see you posting about bad theming or ugly surroundings, I'll be sure to point it out, because last time I checked scenery was part of the entire experience, and a fairly large part as well.


be my guest, if I think a coaster has good surrounding or bad i'll make a point of it

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You know...if you're going to be pissed at us because there are no updates, we'll just simply post them in the UK Tour Members Only forum.


But if you're actually going to appreciate the hard work we put into doing the updates (I haven't been to bed before 3am yet this trip) we'll continue to post them for the public, too.


There will be an update going up tonight from Oakwood.


Please be patient.


Also, can we please keep this thread to talking about the trip or asking questions about what we're doing etc. I really don't need to sign onto the board after a day thinking "Hey, let's see what everyone thinks of the updates" and instead seeing people bickering about stupid crap.


--Robb "There will be lots of photos and videos tonight!!!" Alvey

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Robb, don't worry about pleasing a couple of kids who get demanding. Updates are nice, but I don't expect them every day while you are still *on* the vacation! Enjoy yourselves and have fun, and if that means waiting until you get home to post some updates, so be it. The fanboys will survive.

I do find it a bit strange though that no one else that's currently on the trip is contributing much to this thread. I thought people would jump on now and then and post bits about their days. Guess they are too worn out to worry about the internet!



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Here's my side of the story


More coming...


Is this an acceptable level of wetness?


This is the wet/dry slide. There's nothing dry about them though


He didn't get very wet. Let's ride the wet/dry slides then


This is the water ride we got Dan onto. It doesn't get you very wet though


Gimme some beer! You will have to see the videos for this


It's a fun wild mouse type ride


The cars on the Jungle Coaster are impressive


Here's one for all those lift-hill enthusiasts out there


Here's Nigel, our wonderful bus driver getting a chance at credit whoring!




Legoland has a castle, and it's bigger than Disneyland's of course


This is the park entrance


At Legoland we stop for some high quality American food


Since we're in the coach, we get to use the super duper l337 bus lane


With the push of a button, Nigel shuts Barry up



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^ Haha.


I'm really bummed that I couldn't go on this trip...age is just a number! I'll just have to mow many lawns and steal a 'guardian' kiddie coaster whoring style to make it on the next odyssey...

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I keep listening to the sexy Lou's voice over and over. Mmmmmmmm! I think I'll teach Alana a new game.


It's called Guy and the Saucy UK pornstar.


Guy " Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to keep the Marraige Spicy! " Koepp

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Glad your having fun over here took the kids to trecco bay last year on hols spent too many days in coney beach that coaster just batters you too death did they still have the bull riding machine that was a lot of fun,As for Beach Party great amount of airtime just a mental flatride,looking forward to your great yarmouth update as were heading there in august.

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Hey, have a great time! I am so jealous, but then again, you have to put up with Tommy and James (mostly Tommy!!)


I went to Dollywood yesterday, and Timber Tower is indeed closed awaiting a one of a kind part from Germany. Good thing they don't have pictures of the ride EVERYWHERE...or wait, they do!


Still had fun as evidenced by the attached pics! Next week: PKD!


And a bonus one from last week on the Loch Ness Monster!


My new fav way of taking on ride pics....of me!


Sight on the new coaster next year


Making my best Tommy face

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More from Legoland


This was a first pub credit for many people on this trip


If your kid is sad and pathetic, you can push their stroller through this gate


Thomas the Tank Engine is cool


Here's an exclusive shot of people getting an exclusive shot


Exclusive shot


Is that you Barry?


This is where Vekoma rides come from


This is Sweden. Where is Balder?


Robb told us to meet at the London Eye. We hope it was this one

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HEHEHE!! Ty for the fix Will!!


Lmao!! Exclusive shot of people getting and exclusive shot!!


So then getting and exclusive shot of people getting an exclusive shot is even more exclusive because you got an exclusive shot of their asses!!

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Day 1: Chessington


I'm suprised Robb didn't go for this coach company


The management won't notice the difference


Tony broke the theming!


They're so cute!


The capybara is the 'world's largest rodent'


...with lots of snakes (who like to eat rodents)


The 'Creepy Caves' is a walk-through attraction


He's still kind of sad and pathetic


Cool shot of the Top Spin


Tomb Blasters is a shooting dark ride like MIB, but instead of shooting aliens, riders shoot little coloured lights


Another shot of my #50


I suspect that the guy at the control panel on the flume is a fan of a site. Keep up the good work


This is Elissa's favorite part of Chessington (besides the World's Largest Rodents)


What's up with this?


Bubbleworks was a fun dark ride (Jeff Johnson counts it as a credit)


Time for more quality American style food


Yay! I finally hit my #50 credit. I was hoping it would be MegaB litz, but this will do.


Here's a reverse lift hill shot of Dragon's Fury


Oh yeah, we got ERT on Vampire


Chessington is Elissa Approved


So that's how he got in


Barry emerged from the luggage compartment armed with his video camera


The Vekoma Survival Kit. We've only ridden one Vekoma ride so far (Corkscrew), although Vampire runs Vekoma trains also.


These were the goodie bags. I also got the other Eric Johnson credit


Here's a shot of the breakfast buffet for all the ACErs out there

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Day 1: Coney Beach


We can never have enough shots of Barry using the loo on the bus


Mystery meat time!


The death slide is actually six credits


Coney Beach is a very well maintained park. Be sure to ask Robb about the park's safety certifications


Look at the cute credit whores


Many of us couldn't go on this after a certain group of people broke it.


Yay! Death machine credit


You cat get a really good feel for the place


At the sight of credits, we pull over

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