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The Official "TPR 2006 UK Tour" Thread!

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Am assuming that Finland could be part of the "Scandi Dandi Tour" circa... 2008?


First park looked nice - coasters looked great - and I don't believe Derek missed Nicole for a second, HAH!


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The station is underground, the inversion is underground, right over the station.


We got some *amazing* video, and will post some of it at some point!


Seriously, Tornado blew me away! I had wanted to ride it since I saw it being constructed, then when I rode the other Intamin Tornado in April, I was kind of disappointed. Finland Tornado did not disappoint at all! It had airtime, forces, and one of the cooles inversions EVER!

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To be honest I think that the Take Off was a bit faster than what it looked like, but I wouldn't still call it insane by any means.


Great TR once again!

Some really great captions there ie the : if Elissa was only a head, the facial expression suited the caption really well imo , and the EXCLUSIVE Derek's fore head and Jet Star sign and the Dan's head tumour which looked quite real, lol. Nice long update.



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Our next stop on the "real add-on trip" was Linnanmaki near Helsinki, Finland....



- OMG! The water coaster here!!!! FREAKING SUCKED!!! Ok, it didn't "suck" but OMFG we got SOAKED!!!!!

- Wooden coaster....oddly enough looks like Balder. So I guess that makes it a steel coaster?

- Park was fun, not as cool as Särkänniemi, but still very cool!

- Um....you have to spread your legs on the slide?!?!?

- I finally found out what the inside of a donut looks like!


Here are some pics:

Any park that has a statue of a baby holding a GIANT FISH is ok by me!


It DOES kind of look like Balder...doesn't it?


"I'll have the Rabbit sandwich please."


It looked pretty tame and we thought it would be "Dan Friendly".


We were wrong!


Robb likes hanging around this guy because it makes him feel thinner!


The brake man always sits behind the pink haired girl.


Ok, there are LOTS more picture and somewhat funny captions here:






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Man, Scandanavian parks rock!!! I love those "aerial" photos from the last update, and this update is pretty cool too. Although I liked the last one more because it has Intamin inverted coaster goodness.



Random question: how many gropes total were there on this trip? 24? 57?


Albert "resists the urge to tell people to email Dan if they know the answer" Lam

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