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The Official "TPR 2006 UK Tour" Thread!

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Awesome update!!


Nice to see everyone had such a great time and the park being so hospitable and overall good. Also I didn't know that the park had an ice bar, until I saw this update, that was really cool!

Yeah, Balder or should it be called 'BaldAir' is simply fantastic (rode it two days ago).


Also, I'm a annoyed that I didn't go on that UK add-on trip, as I could've done it quite easily... but, well I guess there's always a next time, right Joe?

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^yes, the Finnish are ripping on Joe. It is a true international phenomena now.


Joe - and don't forget the fun you had watching me get punched in the face and harrassed at SFGAdv.


When should we let Joe in on the joke that the whole UK Trip blew and we wasted our money.

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^ They didn't want any germs from each hammer to.... spread?



Dunno, I thought that was kind of strange too, when they were first handed out to us.


But hey - a "beer breakfast" (actually following an Excellent Breakfast at hotel, that early morning), mini-liquors, the Balder Bags (w/playing cards, wood 'coaster' coasters inside), nails and the hammers.... all between 1000 and 1100 AM? And then the ERT on Balder and Kanonen???



Heck - they could have doilyed (sp?) the hammer heads for all I cared at that point in time, heh heh.


Best - park - ever.


Followed by Best - Wooden - Coaster - ever.


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^My guess is that the hammer condoms were meant to keep the heads from rusting (probably been sitting in storage awhile).


Then again, did we really know where those hammers had been? Perhaps hammers and other tools lead secret lives we know nothing about. After all, people don't just get "drunk"--they get "hammered." And hammers are used for "pounding," which has other connotations (just ask anyone acquainted with a certain teenager from Fresno).


The mind boggles--or maybe I've just had too much coffee this morning.

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Ok everyone! Sorry it took so long to start our Finland update...the "day job" got in the way of fun!


Anyway, here's the latest awesome 6-page update:




- Now it's time to go on the REAL add-on trip!

- This was a great way to "finnish" off the trip!

- Underground Intamin rides kick ass!

- U-Shaped Intamin rides kick ass!

- In Finland, turtles are apparently called "birds"


Here are a few photos.....


On the flight we can see what Derek is dreaming of......


OMG! Gotta love the "Day Glow" ORANGE train!


This is like porn to Derek!


The REAL TPR Party is on the skateboard ride in Finland!


"The Half-Pipe is my favorite ride in Finland" says Rodney.


"I give the Vekoma Corkscrew two thumbs up because I'm old, I don't know any better, and I pee in my adult diaper every twelve minutes!"


"Hey Dan...do you want to ride the kiddie coaster or the ride op behind you?"


Yeah, it's a Jet Star. Joe would have loved this...but who cares?


The rest of the photos can be found here:



Enjoy this update!



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Great pictures Robb, glad you managed to enjoy yourselves even though I have a feeling you may have been utterly exhausted by that point!


One thing though, I think there may have been a mistake in one of the captions:

"It's Derek....and a TPR ass!"


SURELY, that should read "It's a donkey....and a TPR ass!"

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