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The Official "TPR 2006 UK Tour" Thread!

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^ Are you touring Finland or shopping at Ikea?

We missed the IKEA in Sweden, but at least got a picture of it.


Yesterday, we did Linnanmäki in Helsinki. Nice park but nothing to really write home about. Earlier today we did Särkänniemi. WOW! A really nice park with incredible hospitality!! The views from the tower (400+ feet) were better than spectacular!! What a beautiful country!! Tornado was really good. We had quite a bit of fun today.


Now were up in Alahärmä at the Power Park hotel, to do the park tomorrow, before heading back to Tempere to fly back to London tomorrow night.


Robb is a bit delirious, but it makes for some great laughs!


Wait for the TR's and videos. They'll be worth it.


I believe Robb is doing the Blackpool update right now, and may be up and posted later this evening.



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R & E, Just look at the posts regarding the UK Tour! not a bad word or any sign of dissapointment anywhere!


You guys done a really good job, as they say over here "its good when a plan comes together" well from what I can see this one of yours certainly did.


As well as the 54 people on the coach you even made people like me feel welcome meeting you all at Oakwood, and not being part of the tour I was not too sure how of if I would be accepted by you and everyone else on the tour, but it was great you and Elissa made a point of coming straight over to meet me, thanks R & E that meant a lot.


Three cheers for R & E you both did a grand job, I look forward to a DVD later in the year should be a blast.



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^Oh yeah, well you missed all the USA crazyness that went on here. You'd be so jealous if you knew what kind of stuff went on here. Heres a recap:


1. Some kid fell off a ferris wheel


2. Zippin Pippin went for $2,500


3. The Astrodome decided to open a theme park


4. You missed a giant TPR sob-fest when the updates didnt come soon enough


5. Some kids building a 40 foot tall K'Nex coaster




and last but not least


6. Everybody picked on a stupid brittish kid on YouTube.com for posting a SheiKra that Robb made. Even Jo and that other idiot showed up!


I know, your wishing you didnt go on that trip so bad right now...


Colin C


Omg you completely left out the best part!!

7. A certain annoying obnoxious badass got BANNED!!!


Welcome back everyone!!!!!!! Although I know you all dont want to be back..but welcome back anyways!!

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The spitting lesbians were hot, but... They spat! As did all the men!


We have Norwegian members, right? Why did people spit so much?!


so THAT's why people gave me these strange looks in California

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I missed PINBALL??????




Count me in next time guys, I love it, still do it where I can find it. My fave is Theater of Magic. Gotta love that magical black box, heh heh.


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^ I think that's a fair reason for the delay, isn't it?


I swear I am working on it RIGHT NOW! It's going to be a pretty big update, probably something like 150 photos over 8 pages!


Anyway, here I am at the Tampere, Finland airport working on the next UK Trip set of photos!




It's coming soon I swear!!! =)

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Robb. As a birthday present I expect every single picture put up onto TPR, also I want all the POVs, and the DVD of this trip must be done aswell.


I also want Elissa between two pieces of bread.



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Sigh.. can't find my Blackpool ones..


I never saw a Blackpool map as a handout, when did you pick up the one you lost?


Right after the metal detectors. They were possibly the worst maps I have ever seen, so no huge loss if I am unable to find them.

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^ I think that's the main reason they didn't make the maps so readily available. Not complete, so-to-speak...


Even I, as scrupulous as I was on this for the most part, managed to totally forget about any Blackpool map, until my roomie offered an 'extra' he had picked up - in exchange for (Gawd, I'm saying this) a couple of those green Ride Tix we collected at Lightwater Valley (home of Rat -Sewer- Ride and 'that barge ride' thing?)? Which weren't for us, to begin with?


The map only has a certain number of attractions there on it - and soooo many more totally left off. I guess they got tired of re-vamping and renewing their maps when they kept taking out and re-inserting stuff here and there... and everywhere, heh heh.

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Thats just it though.. they had a few of the huge 'you are here' directories that looked like this around the park. Doesn't really make sense, that they just couldn't condense that and print it. I dunno, it doesn't matter now, probably better off anyway that we were left to wonder around and find things as we come to them. The park was much more 'magical' that way.


EDIT: Added a pic of said map...


This map is awesome. Print more plz.

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Right after the metal detectors. They were possibly the worst maps I have ever seen, so no huge loss if I am unable to find them.


I guess that explains it, I don't even remember passing through any metal detectors. I guess I just had tunnelvision for Steeplechase.

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