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The Official "TPR 2006 UK Tour" Thread!

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What you're all forgetting is that Elissa chops up her weiners into small chunks and skins them before eating. To think of all the agony that poor, poor weiner went through for that photo!



Ok this was a complete fanboy killjoy!!!

Just when things couldn't get any better for us fanboys you come along and rip the very thoughts of pure happiness and bliss from our minds and fill it with this putridness of horror and fright!!

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Robb... How does Speed rank against the other Euro-Fighters you've been on? I remember after you went on the Bon Bon Land one you said that it was uncomfortable and felt more like a portable ride. Do you still feel this way after riding Speed? Do you feel better about Dollywood getting one now?

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Speed is my favorite out of the Gerstlauer Eurofighters.


It's really, really good!


Just got back from a great day at Blackpool. We're off to a group dinner, than we'll work on getting the Alton Towers photos up!


Thanks for waiting Will!

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I've been hanging back a bit from posting, but now that we're a little more than halfway through, (and the real crazy days are about to start) I thought I'd mention how awesome, fun, and crazy this trip has been.


The best part is meeting a bunch of like-minded people, and just sharing experiences.


Most of all, though, thanks to Robb and Elissa for all the hard work that they've done to prepare and plan this trip. They've really come through with great ERT, great functions, great perks and great fun every day!


For those of you who want to go on next years' trip (whatever it ends up being, nothing's official yet!) jump quick!


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Damn, shame that last minute vacancy didn't come up - looks like you are all having so much fun. Robb and Elissa look like they will have to sleep for a week after this trip, I can't believe the effort they put in for everyone. Oh well, maybe the next one if I'm quick enough.


I had to settle for a Superman Escape credit in QLD as an alternative trip, at least I met a couple of hot girls on the way back from Movie World.

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Day Three - Alton Towers Photos are UP!!!!



What an awesome day!

- Started out with an hour of ERT on Rita: Queen of Speed

- Rode the worlds only coaster themed to a pinball machine (Cameron was VERY happy!)

- We visited the Splash Landings hotel's water park (With a REALLY kick ass Master Blaster!)

- Then some more ERT on Nemesis and Air (Nemesis still kicks some major...MAJOR ass!)

- Overall a really great, uncrowded day at Alton Towers!


Rita, Queen of Speed....


Tommy & James, Queen of everything else!


"This coaster is Cameron's pinball wet dream come true!"


An "Elissa Friendly" spinning coaster!


Oblivion - It go down REAL good!


For some strange reason...we are welcome at Alton Towers! Yay!!!!


Nemesis is some seriously awesome B&M Inverted goodness with a BLOOD RIVER!!!


This will keep the Elissa fanboys happy for the next 7 minutes.


"You MAY get wet." Oh!


Anyway, the FULL update is here:






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You see, in England we have culture and history.


Alton really is a beautiful park and it's easy to forget there's 3 B&M's, an Intamin Schmocket Coaster and some Vekoma deathness there!


*sigh* Seeing all these parks is reminding me crap my year has been for park visits...


Oh well. July 8th = SPEED TIME. Woo. And the crystal maze.


Really glad you're all having fun. And I expect to see Nemesis at the top of everyones lists!

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