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Florida parks


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Listen, I'd suggest you do some online (or offline) research, not merely decide on the basis of one opinion. While IOA is my favorite park anywhere, there are only 3 (well, 2+) coasters there, plus a great flume ride, a great rapids ride, and Jurassic Park. WDW, while it doesn't have Spiderman, the best dark ride anywhere, does have Tower of Terror, Rock&Roller Coaster, Splash, Space, and Big Thunder Mountains, Kali Rapids, Mission:Space, and plenty more. Anyone with a ParkHopper pass certainly can "ride something" at the WDW parks. I'd still choose IOA, but on the grounds of the overall experience, not just because of DD and Hulk.

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Quite close. Within 10 miles of each other. And Sea World is in the area too.


The only big Florida park not in Orlando is Busch Gardens, and it's only an hour's drive away anyway.


Central Florida is very easy to navigate. Just hop on I-4, and you're where you want to be.

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IOA has some killer rides, but for sheer coaster thrills. Two word ...


Busch Gardens


Montu - Excellent B&M Invert

Kumba - Excellent B&M Sitdown

SheiKra - B&M Dive Machine (Not yet sure if excellent)

Cheeta Chase - Mack Mouse

Scorpion - Schwarzkoph Goodness

Python - Typical Corkscrew

Gwazi - Dueling GCI Has-beens

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If coasters are what you want, I'd have to second Busch Gardens. They have a lot more than any other park in Florida. However, the overall park experience as a whole is dreadful. It gets worse by the day. Sorta like a Six Flags Florida.

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Yeah, it's a real toss up for me what I'd reccomend....Universal or BGT.


Universal certainly has a GREAT park atmosphere and is usually very well run. Dragons, Hulk, and Mummy are all great.


But I really like Kumba and Montu at BGT a LOT! Scorpion is good too, and if you ride Gwazi in the very front seat, it's not too rough.


I dunno, I guess as a whole park experience I'd go with Universal/IOA.



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I guess im going to be avoiding Disney World, because It just seems like to much of a family place. Im going to try and beg my dad to go IOA when we are in Florida for 2 weeks in July, and I guess Bush Gardens as well if they have good coasters. This year is going to be the biggest coaster trip for me ever, because IOA , CP, and SFMM all in one summer :shock: .. the best roller coaster ive ever been on is Superman:ROS but CP is lookin good with MF and TTD.

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What's happened since to make it "dreadful?"


Nothing really. I think to call it "Six Flags Florida" is a bit extreme. BGT is a very well run park. The only complaint I have ever had is the way they run Gwazi. But, with the crowd it draws, it doesn't even end up being that bad.


Some things that make BGT a great park.



Good Food (I still love the HH Sandwiches)

Great Coasters (The best selection of any Busch Park)

One of the best Sky Rides

Big Band Concert Series

Excellent Train Ride

3 Fun Water Rides (Jammer, Chute, and Rapids)

They closed Akbar's Adventures

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