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Whats your favorite Vekoma?

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Gardaland's Magic Mountain, my very first looping coaster, actually my very first coaster dot. Honourable mention to Disney Paris Space Mountain, a bit rough but still the best of its kind out there in my opinion; can't wait for the refurb. and the new trains...

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Despite the flak they get for rough coasters, now that I think about it they really do very good quality custom and family coasters actually.


Big Thunder Mountain (DL Paris), Expedition Everest, Big Grizzly Mountain, Seven Dwarves Mine Train etc. are excellent. It just seems a lot of the older and off-the-shelf models suffer.


Honorable mention for Vekoma Madhouses.

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I like Mammut at Gardaland, the Vekoma Mine Train Coaster

Also a ok coaster of them is Magic Mountain at Gardaland, this is a double loop double corkscrew with the new restraints

Another double loop double corkscrew of them was also ok and this was with the old restraints but I didn't get any headbanging because my head was over the restraints, but I wasn't able to put my hands up

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I love the two GIB's I've been on. Favorite by far.


Most Vekomas don't bother me that much. I've been on some painful boomerangs but have been able to tolerate most. I've only been on three SLC's and SFA's was the worst by far. Nighthawk sucked but I like the other flyers. I enjoyed Two-Face and Invertigo (KI). I enjoyed all the Disney Vekomas. Their family coasters (roller skaters and family suspendeds) are mostly enjoyable.


That said, I'm sure there's an SLC or Ninja out there somewhere just waiting to make me eat this post.

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As of September 2015, my favorite Vekoma is Firehawk at Kings Island. I expected the worst with this coaster given all of the horror stories I'd heard about roughness, but to my surprise, it was actually quite smooth except for one or two spots. I enjoyed the flying sensation, and it had some decent forces, especially in the vertical loop (favorite part of the ride).

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Deja Vu is (was?) my favorite. Love the vertical winch and pause, then release--super intense and exciting. A close second is the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney. Very smooth for a Vekoma and has fun theming, even though I'm not a huge Aerosmith fan. This along with Tower of Terror give Hollywood Studios a great one-two punch. Third would be Firehawk at Kings Island. I like the layout better than most of the B&M flyers, Tatsu excepted--can't beat the huge pretzel loop!

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