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It's May now, so updated with a different frame. This last Wednesday was my two-week mark from my second dose, so I'm fully protected now! Whoo!

Good old fashioned horror, at it's best. You can almost see the fangs.

^ as I posted on FB. . . .   "In the alternate universe, where Valerie Bertinelli never gave up snorting coke"

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Mine is simply the plane that I flew in when coming back from Toronto. It made a stop in Charlotte, NC for a connection, so I just took the pic. And in case anyone's wondering, it's an Embraer (ERJ) 175.

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I hate Michigan.


sorry your football team sucks. At least against SEC schools in BCS bowl games. But hey, at least you guys can win a crappy conference every year and go to the overrated Rose Bowl.


although i will admit i went to columbus this past summer to watch Tiger Woods at the Memorial golf tournament and had a great time.


Mine is pretty self explanatory: my 2 favorite pro sports teams mashed together.

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^ the rose bowl is now overrated. Sure, there's a lot of history behind it, but now it's no different than the Orange, Sugar, and Fiesta Bowls. Big BCS bowl game, but it's not the championship game. It's just a recruiting tool now.


It's funny to hear some players say they'd rather play in the Rose Bowl than the BCS title game. How does that even make sense?

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