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My avatar is a 1991 Carpenter school bus on an International chassis. Here's some info about his bus:


Only 47K miles. Stands proud. Drives like a new bus.

Front wheel chair lift.

Currently holds 16 children & 1 wheel chair.

Can be reseated to hold 35 children.

7.3L Diesel, Automatic, 4 wheel disc brakes


Former Ohio school bus





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It was TPR Termination Day and Jaclyn and I were hanging out at the park between morning/night ERT sessions. We decided to brave the 2 hour wait (turned out to be 3 1/2 hours, but back on topic..) for X2.


For those of you that haven't been on it, there's these signs comparing 'nerdy' people (Type A people) to people doing cool, extreme stunts (Type X people). I don't think that there's much else to explain, except that we definitely agreed I fit into the Type A category. Hahaha.

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This could get rambly, and god only knows why it made sense at the time, but bear with me on this one. I was writing comics in social studies last year (A- all year so let's not do this) and I doodled a little character with big eyes, an oval body, and no arms. I called it an amoeba for some reason, and he's now kind of my mascot. So one day I took a cardboard bookmark, and started doodling different spinoffs of the amoeba. Pirate, ninja, superhero amoebas, you get the idea. Then, near the bottom I drew gangster amoeba. Makes sense don't it?


The amoeba in it's natural habitat [cough]MS Paint[/cough]

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