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New Zamperla Coaster Prototype Photos & Video

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Hey everyone,


Our friends over at Zamperla have sent us some cool photos of a new coaster they are working on: the "MotoCoaster."


The coaster has a 0-40MPH launch and about 1200ft of track. The seats were inspired by the patented design used on the Disk-O rides.


The video below only shows the 8 seater train but the photos show off the finished traiin.


Have a look at the cool stuff below!


And now...something you've all been waiting for....the "back side of buisnessmen!"


Just chillin on the new coaster bike thing.




Green light means GO beeyotch!


Can we please have one of these for our apartment complex?


Dudes with ties look funny riding the coaster bike!


If it's got a helix, it's gets the TPR stamp of approval!


"Zamerla designs new method of commuting to the office..."


Looks cool. Hope many parks buy them in bulk!


Coaster dorkies love them close up wheel shots! =)


Motorbike thingy go round and round the track.


Launch track...yeah....


"We are Zamperla!!! We have track and stuff for big ride!!!"


This big motor make bike thing go "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!"


"Yo, man. Check me out. I'm cool and I got me a new bike!"


Zamperla MotoCoaster Video

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WHOO! Thanks! Great photo's.


Most peeps on here love their loops and lifthills, but for me, I LOVE(!!!!!) wheels/wheel carriers and rollback dogs...lol

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Now it doesn't seem so much of a Booster Bike ripoff. Booster Bikes typically have a long extended layout. This has a nice compact layout that could provide for headchoppers and give a small, obscure park a big ride.

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Wow, look at that sexy sometimes posting on TPR enthusiast in the first picture!!!


He's all "hey baby, come ride my new motocoaster"!

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I really like it! I hope they come up with a few bigger designs, as this looks really awesome, but I'd love to see this show up at a fair near me!

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^Nope, good old fashioned flywheel just like Schwarzkopf used to make.



Looks like a fun AND comfortable ride. Hopefully there'll be some of these popping up soon.

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Wow, that was unexpected... I'd never expect a Motorcycle-themed coaster, but I must admit it looks pretty cool (and fun)!

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Wow that looks really cool. I like the different colors in the supports actually. This really reminds me of a roller skater type motorbike coaster... I saw these advertised at IAAPA several times, but for some reason I thought they just made the vehicles for the Vekoma Booster Bikes, not an actual coaster.



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I dig the fact that this appears to be a portable model.


Portable roller coaster designs have been real boring (for the most part) for a long time. Hopefully this will catch on, and the launch system can be used for other types of awesome portable coasters as well.

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I'm pleased that it's a flywheel launch. None of these non-reliable launch systems that break down for extended amounts of time (such as hydraulic.)


Looks like a fun, twisty ride. In addition, it looks more comfortable than the Vekoma Booster Bike.

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