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Are you a soccer fan or do you play soccer?

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Are you a soccer fan or do you play soccer? Let us know!


A great day at Werder Bremen (a German Soccer Team)!

Yesterday my boss asked me, whether I want to go with him to a soccer game on this Saturday? He have 2 tickets for the VIP area. Yeah, why not!

Today was the game and my first time in the Vip area. We could eat and drink all the time, whatever we wanted! Hmm... you can also require that for a price of € 210,- per ticket! :shock: I think I never would pay that price for one ticket, but it was so cool in the VIP area. I met some players, and the coach, and I got access to each area with my nice red VIP bracelet! All in all it was a good day! The only bad thing was that my team lost the game!

Werder Bremen 1:2 VFB Stuttgart

However, here are some pictures:


The score after the 1:1 goal! There we hoped, we could win the game.


Me and my boss!


Before the game, testing the applause.


The game.


The VIP area.

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Haha I actually watched the entire first half and parts of the second half on TV. The score was 1-1 when I left.


It sounds like you had a great day, too bad your team lost.

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I used to be hardcore about soccer. I played 11 years and some of that was on the high school team. However, I quit to run cross-country. It's still an awesome sport to watch. Oh, how I miss those Cleveland Crunch indoor games with crazy 0tto 0rf.

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Soccer is by far my most favorite type of sport. I am playing for more than 11 years in the same club right now. My favorite sport club is Borussia Mönchengladbach, where I have a season ticket for 4 years in a row now.

My personal highlights are the first matches in our brand new stadium, the 4:1 victory about Werder Bremen ( ) and of course the improvement from the 2nd to the 1st soccer league in Germany after 2 years in the 2nd league. We were lucky and got tickets for the game against Chemnitz in our old stadium, which offered space for only 34500 spectators but there was a huge party after the match with over 200000 fans in the city.


Sebastian"looking forward to the match against Bochum this afternoon"Rötten

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Im a big soccer fan btw. I dont play any organized soccer, but I play with my friends once in a while. My favorite club is SK Brann from Bergen. Last season was awesome. We won the cupfinal and we came 3rd in the league

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I've become a huge soccer fan since coming to IU. We have the highest win percentage in NCAA soccer history and have seven national championships (only behind St. Louis U., who won most of theirs in the earlier days). But yeah, I've become a big fan. The games here are a blast. I have a new appreciation for the sport. Go IU Soccer!!!!


Here's a picture taken of me and Jerry Yeagley two days ago at one of the spring exhibitions. Jerry is responsible for bringing IU soccer to the level it is at. He won 6 of IU's seven national championships.


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Im a big Chelsea fan.... are you a Munich fan... If so good luck for Wednesday in the Champions league.... Im sorry but it's to hard to keep my mouth shut its not soccer it's FOOTBALL. I know its mainly an American website so i'll be quiet now before R or E send me to the naughty corner...


Blackcurrent "now i've shown a weekness they are all going to jump on me and write SOCCER in response to any of my posts"

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I also love soccer, mostly the big tournaments like The Champions League.

I used to like Chelsea but with Mourhino as coach they're getting arrogant. :?


It's not that they are bad but they aren't really better than Barcelona (maybe close to Real Madrid/Bayern Munchen)

...al the bragging at each press conference... and starting to threaten the referee+familly for things that even haven't occured...


I'm fan for the club that gives the most value for your credit and at this moment that is Barcelona 8)

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yes he is a cocky so and so.... and over history Barcelona have been a much bigger club and more successfull than Chelsea.... but if you are comparing them to the new CHELSKI as they like to be known there I think you will find overtime Chelsea are going to be very successfull and become very big

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Ive played soccer for 10 years and my worst thing that EVER happened was that when I was 12 my coach accidentally kicked the soccer ball at full speed at me and it hit me in a spot that i never want to get hit in again. My face look like this :shock: After that happed i had to go to the doctors and they had to check out of my "part" was okay. That was the worst trip to the doctors i ever had!




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I love soccer! I am planning on getting season tickets for the 2006 season. The local team is the New England Revolution. They did not do too bad this season so hopefully next year will be good too! And my family is from Greece and I always go there for summer vacation and soccer i s huge over in Europe. Greece 2004 Euro Champions!


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Sikose to...to gamimeno!!


I'm sorry but MLS sucks, majorly. When I was at the England-Colombia game at the end of May this year, a Metrostars game was right after that match...let me tell you, I stayed for five minutes tops, and then me and my dad and about half of the stadium waltzed on out. To think that people went to the main match only to wait for the Metrostars game to start... :shock: Some people just don't know what soccer is...ahem, football, i'm sorry. My speech has become too americanized.

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You know there is an expression called "dusting off an old thread"? Well, I think we can call this one "digging it out with an excavator"...


So yeah, I was browsing through the TV channels and noticed that MLS was back on today. With that in mind, I figured that maybe it was time to bring back a soccer thread on this forum. Before starting a new thread I did a little search and turns out we already have a soccer thread. Heck, I have even posted in this thread back in my early TPR days. A lot has happened since last time this thread was active, there are many new members on this forum and soccer has become increasingly popular in the US over the years.


So yeah, any soccer fans out there? Tell us about your club, who you support and why!


As I posted back on page one back in 2005, my team is SK Brann from Bergen. Next weekend is the start of the season here in Norway, really looking forward to being back in the stadium after four months, despite my expectations for this seasons being very low. But first we have an away match 450 kilometers away which I will be attending together with probably 600-700 other away fans. If we manage to get away with a draw I'll be fairly pleased.


Below a picture of the view from my seat in our stadium, which has a capacity of 17686. I'm predicting that we'll average around 12k this season, depending a bit on how the season goes. We managed to average 10k in the league below last year, so let's see.


My view in our stadium

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