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Robb on Podcasts! LMAO

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I was listening to In The Loop i believe and then an episode came on where Robb was on! so much random funny stuff going on. HELLO KITTY VIBRATOR! I AM A HAMMERHEAD SHARK! LMAO! Robb is the funniest and most random guy out there. No gues appearaneces by Elissa though


sorry if this was already discussed


Keep it up!

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Robb is so gonna kick Clint's ass when he hears the HWN and Rumblefest Podcasts. All I am gonna say about that is, I DIDN'T do it!

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Heh...he's just getting me back for my comments about why he couldn't make it to Tatsu's opening!




haha I think you said you were going to be in Australia? haha


I just listened to one where you accually sounded professional LOL when you were talking about the Euro themeparks. I think you just got back b/c you sounded tired and non energetic LOL ugh funnnny

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