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All US Premier LIM coasters are closed until further notice

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Went to SFA yesterday,walked by Joker's Jinx,and sure enough,saw the sign that said that they needed a part replaced,and the part was getting manufactured.(Not that I was planning to ride it even if it was opened).



Why JJ is a great ride.


I went to SFoT and this dude told me it'll open up in about a week from the date to the left


And when is this date?

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^ I might just be blind, but I didn't find a date.


I hate to say it, but the Chiller has more problems than it's worth. I could see it being taken down next year, and a Gerstlauer spinning coaster being put in it's place for 2008 or 2009.


Pshh, Build a Euro-Fighter instead.

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^That doesn't matter, it comes down to $$$$. Plus, Shapiro doesn't like coasters being closed, and Chiller is down more than it's open. I could see them removing it next year and replacing it with a family coaster in 2008 or 2009.

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I might be going to SFStL this Sunday, does anyone know if Freeze will be open then?


Possibly the 12th or 13th, Shapiro here on the 14th so they are shooting before he gets here! But I doubt it! Really depends on the Chiller. Modifications were made to SFSTL freeze, but were waiting for the all clear by SFCorp Engineers that have to inspect.

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I don't think that has much to do with it, because Poltergeist was never closed, but Joker's Jinx was.


Next time I go to SFFT I'll try and look to see if the second train is on site...

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SFSTL Mr Freeze has been testing this week with new train.

Hopefully will be cleared to run tonight.

I will update in the AM.




got any pics of the new train, or is it the same (design)???


oh, and is it going to have the LIMS facing down like the italian job, or the same?

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