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Millenium Force

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Iv'e been looking a millenium force stats for years now and don't get it. Why do they say the 169 foot hill come BEFORE the 182 foot one!?!?


Any coaster enthusiast with common sense can tell that is not right! Can someone help me?


So what? Look at Goliath at SFOG... it's first drop is shorter than its second. How many times does that happen?

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But GUYS, any coaster enthusiast with common sense can tell this is not right!! It breaks every law of enthusiast physics.


My world hath been rocked. Time to curl up in a ball and rethink everything in my life.

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^ what? how does that work????


first drop bieng shorter than the second?


Well at my homepark Kennywood, The Phantom's Revenge's first drop is 160ft. but the second Drop is 230ft. by way of using the ravine at the back of the park...so, um yea.

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^ Kennywood will totally blow all the OP's physics theories right out the window.


Out of all the woodies, not a single one of them has the largest drop first. But it doesn't end there. The Log Jammer and Phantoms revenge also save the second drop for the biggest.


Actually, Thunderbolt saves the best for last.


// silliest thread ever

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^ I apologize for drifting off-topic but it actually IS possible for a coaster to have a first drop smaller than its second drop without losing its momentum. It helps to not get confused between HILL and DROP.


A coaster can have a lift hill drop to ground level but the second hill can have a drop underground or down a ravine. To help illustrate this, I shall give you my shabby MS Paint diagram.


In the diagram, the coaster will go down the lift hill drop to ground level, crest the second hill (with possibly some spectacular airtime) and zoom back down the second drop underground. Instead of losing momentum, it in fact makes it go faster.


I hope you are able to understand my explanation.


As you can see...the second hill DROP is larger than the lift hill DROP.

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Whoa...that was a fast string of replies....


Back to the REAL topic. I have just checked and yes...the 169 ft hill refers to the first overbank turn and the 182-ft hill is the next hill.


And ummm...CoasterFanatic....you can ride that coaster but get some paramedics with you. (Note that the track stops abruptly underground...)


And Wes....what exactly are you trying to say?!!

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I think someone forgot to mention that the lift hill is OVER 300 FEET TALL!


There's plenty of speed to overcome hills of unusual proportions.


Based on the logic (or lack thereof) that every hill MUST be smaller than the one preceeding it, any coaster with a double-up wouldn't work.


Oh, and Wes, quit f\/(

Although it is funny...

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This isn't related to what this topic is about, but it involves the force.


they just put the Station music on Extra Point! a new download section at Cedarpoint.com


go check it out! I'm loving this!


Damn!...I was really hoping for "Welcome to Millennium Force"



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