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Unanswered/Dumb Question-Dumb Answer game

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I feel that tuna has its own unique place in the marine life. While most fish in the sea generally have their own unique special traits for themselves, I feel that tuna is the most humble out of all of them. They don't shine like the rainbow trout, they don't have eight arms, they don't even have a light bulb on top of their head. You want to know why? Because they don't need to stick out to be special! They don't need to look beautiful to find their place in nature's heart! Tuna, you may not be the biggest, fastest, or deadliest fish to swim in Earth's waterways; but darn it, I salute you! Rock on tuna!!

Plus, they taste great minced with light mayo


Who is the president of Ubeki-Beki-Beki-Stan-Stan?

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No, you are currently suffering arterial bleeding. It's spurting all over the room right now and you're starting to feel faint. The corners of your vision are blackening and slowly tightening. The dark circle of the abyss has now closed in further. You're on the floor now–-warm in a pool of your own blood. In the depths of the black you can see figures calling you, beckoning you closer. You struggle to stay awake but sleep whispers erotically in your ear. There's ringing, or is it screaming? You're not sure which it is. It's so warm, you're so far away now. There are voices, but you can't tell which side of the abyss they are coming from. The blackness pools up around you like the blood around your body. You're no longer afraid now, you feel so warm and peaceful; you just want to sleep. Sleep... give in to the sleep...

Did you die?

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