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Wisconsin Trip June 1 - 7 Ohh Bonus Day Whooooooo

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Hi all,


We will be leaving tomorrow morning for Wisconsin Dells!


Day 1


We are to be lodging at the Wilderness Resort, they feature two indoor, and two outdoor waterparks which are free with the room. Should be fun, I have never been on a Tornado or Cannonball type waterslide. Weeee.


Day 2 & 3


We will be staying on site at Treasure Island where we score 2 day passes to Mt. Olympus Theme Park. Cool! I have been there before, back when it was Big Chief's and they only had 3 coasters. I have heard many great things about this Hades. Is it all that people say? Guess I will find out. Also we will stop and ride Avalanche at Timber Mountain. It will probably be only one ride though. $5.99 per ride. Ouch.


Day 4


For this day we are staying at the Flamingo Hotel, and we score 2 tickets to Noah's Ark. Never been to this waterpark. Not sure what to expect here. After the park closes we will head home to Minnesota. We will spend the night at take off once again at 7 am.


Day 5


Not much sleep, but it will be time to drive to Waterloo, Iowa. We are going to try out the Lost Island Waterpark. I have seen a park map and this place looks pretty nice. I will write more when we get back.


Day 6


On to Adventureland, this is a nice family amusement park. Been here before and absolutely loved it. It will be nice to return.


Expect Pictures and a full Trip Report when we return early next week. Sorry, no laptop for nightly updates.


Have a GREAT week TPR

Will Miss Ya!!



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I truly hope you have a good time at Adventureland. It's a very underrated park. It has a great atmosphere, great employees, and fun rides. Prices are also very fair, in theme park terms.


Enjoy both the Tornado and Outlaw in the front seats... they are truly front seat rides, although both have great first drop ejector air in the back. You get considerably more air in the front of the Tornado and ejector "lateral" air on the hill after the first drop on the Outlaw. That alone is worth it.


Don't miss:

The Falling Star- one of the only to be run as they should.


G-Force- one of the few Huss Breakdances in the US


The Log Ride- a log ride that features rapids, also!


Sky Ride- Great charilift ride- open air, and you are surrounded by trees at points. Very nice and relaxing.


Have fun! (Adventureland is my home park, along with Six Flags Great America)

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