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Photo Trip Report-Holiday World

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I went to Holiday World today with a few friends. We left at 7:45. We got to the park half an hour before it opened, due to the time change that none of us thought about. The park gate was open, so we went in. First off, the lack of metal detectors was a great surprise. We stood at the entrance to the 4th of July section with some other people waiting for opening. They opened the gate about five minutes before 10:00, and everybody started sprinting to The Voyage. It was still testing when we got back there. I took a look around at the new section. As of now, it is not much really, but they are working on it. They opened the line to The Voyage about ten minutes after park opening. The queue for the ride is very nice, with good theming, and I like that it is all in an air conditioned building. Also, the glass viewing area for the last tunnel is a nice touch. Anyway, we got to the station, and I got in line for the farthest back seat. This coaster was AMAZING! I loved it so much. You are literally standing on the first drop. The second hill is not as good as I was expecting, but still fun. The third hill has good air, and the turnaround was very forceful! The train absolutely JUMPS from the mid course brake run, and the rest of the ride is very intense. The tunnels were also a nice touch. This would be amazing to ride at night. It is my new #1. Also, it was credit #71 for me. We entered the line again immediately, this time riding in the front. I usually prefer coasters in the back, but I liked this better in the front because the airtime was better.


After that, we headed to the front of the park to ride the Raven and Legend. The Raven had a long line, so we went to the Legend. It was closed though, and had mechanics walking around looking at it. We got in line for The Raven, which was a twenty minute wait. I have been on this before, and I like it more than I did last time. I still think it is over-hyped, but I rate it as the second best in the park; behind the Voyage and in front of the Legend. After that, the Legend had just opened, so we entered the queue. The ride was a walk-on, and very few people were in the station. I like the Legend, but it definitely isn't one of my favorites. The sudden burst of ejector air in the middle of the ride is great though. It was around 11:30 when we got off, so we ate at Goblin Burger. I had never eaten here before, and it was pretty good, especially the fries. Because of the Scrambler right there and the high humidity of the day, we rode that. I like this scrambler. In 2000, I remember thinking that this one was faster than others, and I still think that. We then went back to the Voyage to get a few more rides, and hardly anyone was back there. It was still a great ride. We then went back to the main park and got another ride of the Raven. After that, we didn't really have anything to do, because we had no plans of going to the water park, and didn't bring our stuff anyway. So of course, we went back to the Thanksgiving section. We rode the dark ride, which was slightly disappointing, but still pretty fun. We then rode the Voyage once more, I got my hundredth cup of free tea, I took a few pictures, and then we headed out of the park. Overall, it was a good day. It was extremely hot and humid though. There was a 40% chance of rain and thunder storms today, but it never rained.




Thanks for reading


The line wasn't so long later in the day...



They were still building this.


"Hello children!"



I for one do not undertsnad how the park is smoke free, yet smoking is still allowed in some areas.





Getting close...

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Glad you had an awesome time on the Voyage and your day wasn't ruined by rain. It's amazing the progress that HW has made on that building. It was nothing more than a slab the day I was there. Very nice write up and you have come a long way in your picture taking.

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Well i finally got around to reading that big, long group of words above your pictures, and i didn't quite die of boredom! Good job.



I'm still mad at you for riding all that wood today...


Mark "Well i have Psyclone, its slow and rough, just how i like it." W.

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