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Sexual Orientation

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^Depends on what they are considering gay. If they are now dating women and want a relationship with a female because that's what their religion tells them to do, and therefore consider themselves straight after 'finding god' (which I'm not quite sure how this causes one to change sexuality...) then sure, they've changed in their eyes. But I can guarantee you, that's not what their body tells them they want. You can't change what you are attracted to. The people that say they changed who they are physically attracted to are just lying to everyone else to cover it up. Can you honestly say you could change yourself to start liking men in a physical manner? Because that's the exact same thing. It doesn't work, has never worked, and will never work. And the whole idea of finding god to change oneself makes absolutely no sense to me. If god is responsible for how we are all made, then why exactly would he make some of us gay if he didn't want us to be?


Sorry if I'm sounding a bit defensive, but by saying one can change their orientation is also saying that's its a choice who one is attracted to. And this is not right and is extremely offensive to me and I'm sure others. Every other gay person on this board WILL tell you that they never chose to like the same gender, it has just always been that way. It's who we are, and as far as I'm concerned, attempting to change that is denying oneself happiness and for religious folk would be going against who god made you.


I'm sorry but by in my personal experience I have seen it happen numerous times and yes they were gay and not "confused or experienting" when saying they were gay. I know I'm not the only one who knows others who have changed their sexual orientation after they "found God." Yes I do believe being gay is mostly by choice but I do understand other circumstances in life can make someone gay. That is my personal point of view of it from what I have seen through life and your free to reject it by all means. I'm a christian and to say that God made some people gay and others not gay also is a little offensive to others who share my view as well. By the way I didn't try to be offensive, I'm just stating my personal point of view.


***(I'm sorry if you were offended. I appologize, it wasn't my intention.)***

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Yes I do believe being gay is mostly by choice but I do understand other circumstances in life can make someone gay.


***(I'm sorry if you were offended. I appologize, it wasn't my intention.)***


Growing up in a very conservative area, I tried for a few years as a teenager to suppress my attraction to men.


I dated girls, tried to "do it" many times, and simply put, my body isn't wired that way. My pole just doesn't go north for woman. I've watched hours of straight "entertainment" as a result of what I thought was a problem and it just doesn't do anything for me.


I've never understood why people say "it's a choice".


I'm not offended (it takes a lot to offend me).


If it's a choice, why would anyone choose to be gay?


Why would anyone choose to be less equal than their straight counterparts?


Why would anyone subject themselves to discrimination whether in be when trying to rent a room or apartment, in the workforce?


Why would anyone choose to live a lifestyle that is riddled with an awful virus like HIV/AIDS?


No one who's ever said homosexuality is a "choice" has been able to explain to me why and how it's a choice.


Getting married is a choice.


Having children you can't really afford to have is a choice.


Getting a divorce is a choice.


I'm not saying there wouldn't be gay divorce is marriage was legal in the States, but I think gays and lesbians certainly hold marriage to a higher regard than our straight counterparts.


I'm tired of being told by people that I can't love a man that same way they love someone of the opposite sex...why not?


Don't use the bible as an excuse...you can't use a fictional book to support a non-fictional arguement.

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^All of that


But Crazy4Coasters!, to say you think (with absolutely no personal experience since you are not gay) that it is mostly by choice is so far from the truth. After I came out to my family last year, I talked with my mom about it, and she said she had always known. Asking her what she meant, she told me even from around the time I was four, she could tell that I was gay. And all I know is that ever since around the time of preschool, I've always liked being around boys/men a lot more and once puberty hit, this turned into being physically attracted to men. No part of my body gets excited when I see a woman naked. In fact (no offense to any women on this board of course) I find it quite displeasing whenever I see any woman exposed in movies, TV, etc. We aren't made that way. It's as simple as that. There is absolutely NO choice in the matter. I can tell you the countless nights of crying myself to sleep and hating myself in my early teen years up until the first time I came out to someone two years ago wouldn't have happened if I could have chosen to be straight. I wanted to be straight and wished for it every day, but it was just wishful thinking, as it wasn't going to happen. And frankly, I'm happy it wasn't possible since I've come to terms with my sexuality and am extremely happy with who I am and happy I have friends that support who I am as a person.


Being gay isn't a choice. If it was, the evidence of homosexual activity and relations within the animal kingdom outside of humanity wouldn't exist. People don't like to be put through the stress of being gay, coming out, fighting for our rights, etc. I'm sorry if I was offensive in how I replied to your post, but I think that you need to step away from your religious beliefs if just to research the matter. I'm not saying you have to support gay marriage, or even gays in general, that's completely up to you, but resisting facts because of religion isn't a good way of viewing the world. You should be embracing the great variety of people out there, and support human beings as the way they were created rather than trying to tell them that changing to follow a book written an eternity ago is how they should be living.

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Like I said it's my personal opinion on the matter. I'm speaking from what I've seen from my friends and what they have told me from their personal experiences. How can you just throw out all of the people that have personally changed their sexual preference and say "they were never gay." Who is anyone to say someone was gay or not, we were never in their shoes to say that. I've seen it happen and that's why I can honestly say people can change their sexual preference. I'm being honest and again you can disagree with me completely, but everyone has a right to their own opinion or personal point of view.


*** Remember I'm not writing for the sake to argue, I'm just wanted to comment on a post that was previously written. Again by no means I'm I trying to make your agree with me or accept what I say. Everyone is different and just because someone doesn't agree with others doesn't make them ignorant, uneducated or bias. Personal beliefs are what makes us different and ultimately what makes us human.***

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^Just as a correction, I wasn't saying they were never gay, I'm saying they're still gay, just living the life of a straight person.


But I don't think we should be discussing this in this forum, as it is just going to end with people possibly being offended and some upsets, so I think we should just agree to completely disagree on the matter and let it be. I hope at no time I offended you, as that's not productive or how I like to discuss matters, but it's a very personal subject (obviously) but if you want to believe what you believe, that's fine, and we should go our separate ways on the matter.

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I guess we both read each others mind bro!


Thanks for being respectful to me and no I wasn't offended during this discussion. I respect everyone's views and beliefs and mater what we are all human. Once again thanks for not being disrespectful on the matter. One good thing about this is now I consider you my buddy. I think that's a win-win for both of us!


-Peace, Josh

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I used to be very religious and raised in a baptist church and the teachings said one can't be born gay because we were created in God's image. But it also says we are all born into sin, so if you believe the Bible, I've always seen that as proof that one is born that way.


Yes in God's image referencing feelings and emotions just as God has them but not referring to God's perfection. It's up to the person to deviate from any "sin" by choice. I'm not saying it's completely choice but it just shows a person can choose to be gay in life.


***By the way this response is directed to CTU Agent because it seems he has knowledge of the Bible. Again the purpose is not to bring up another discussion to change anyone's mind. Just to make a response to his post. Just trying to clear things up.***

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I really need to stop viewing this thread, haha.


Every time I click it I seem to just be offended by what some people are saying. I want to reply and state my case, but I know that it won't change their opinion so I don't bother. To me saying you don't intend to offend anyone and then saying something that you know will be offensive to many that browse the site is like saying...


"No offense, but I think you look like a whale, put the cheeseburger down, fatty McAcne Face!"


Regardless of whether or not you intended your comment to be offensive a person that would be offended by your statement is going to be even if you state that you feel they shouldn't be.


Either way the level of maturity in this thread always impresses me, usually threads like this don't go down well in public forums.


PS: I wasn't saying don't have discussions about sexuality or asking anyone to not state their opinion, merely just pointing out that it's silly to tell someone not to be offended by something you say, because if they're offended by it, they're offended by it, even if you think they shouldn't be!

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As far as my comment is concerned before, Sasquatch, you understood what I was saying from the get go, to the T. It just seems like it would go around all of the arguments had before. There would be no reason why people couldn't live with that... unless they are just bigots lol. To each his own I suppose. lol


And if it really is a big deal to get married... hey, if you can't beat 'em; Join 'em. LET'S GO TO CANADA! haha. It's better there anyways. They have better benefits all together. My canadian friends all seem happier. Not to mention... you can drink at 18 there.. I think? haha



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ha ha! A personals page; That's hilarious!!!

I have to say.. over time.. my views have changed a bit. I am gay and always will be, however.. I don't support gay marriage. I know.. crazy, right?

Well, let me just explain my views... I think that, as a Catholic, Marriage is a sacrament for a man and a woman. HOWEVER, no one ever said that a same sex couple can't have their own sacrament with a different name. In fact, it might be better that way. the same benefits of marriage, the same rights, just under a different name.


Besides, the world needs same sex couples to be bound in a promise. there are too many children that need homes for there not to be ample couples to take on those kids.




Well if the Catholics want to keep marriage "Sacred" then they need to ban divorce.

I'm sorry.....but too many catholics *and other religions* $h!T ALL OVER THAT "SACRED" union.........

Sorry...you played the wrong card. That "sacred" thing is a total farce.


Anyways....aside from that........being gay isn't a choice. Even bigger farce is someone saying they know some one who "found god" LOL. That's a bunch of BS. Yeh......they went and sat in a church and poof, they're no longer a C0ckSucker/pillow biter.


Sorry...just my rant. Hopefully no one get's offended.....just my view.

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Well if the Catholics want to keep marriage "Sacred" then they need to ban divorce.

I'm sorry.....but too many catholics *and other religions* $h!T ALL OVER THAT "SACRED" union.........

They essentially do ban it. The Catholic Church doesn't recognize civil divorces as dissolving the marriage (since they're outside the church), and there is no divorce inside it. Although I think the whole divorce rate by religion/faith thing is a BS stat in general, as religious affiliation is simply too vague and individual for that kind of info.


On topic, I don't generally agree with gay marriage. BUT, I know there's separation of church and state. In the same way I'd oppose a ban on consuming cow meat (which would keep in accordance with a Hindu faith I don't follow), I don't have a problem with people opposing a ban on gay marriage (which would keep in accordance with a faith they don't follow).


And btw, I don't mean to imply eating cows and gay marriage are on equal footing. It was just to illustrate the principle.

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I wasn't even thinking about divorce when I was writing that. haha. I guess those were my views aside from divorce. lol.

Gotta say... COMPLETELY AGREE. haha


If people have a problem with same sex relationships... don't get with someone of the same sex. hahaha. its that simple.


The biggest threat to Marriage isn't homosexuality... it IS divorce.


I quote Wanda Sykes on both those last statements... but they are so true and I vouch 110% for them.



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Wow - it's refreshing to see civilized debate on a website. Kudos to you guys. I learned a long time ago not to let peoples thoughts / beliefs on issues like this mess with me too much. I'm gay. Always have been. Tried the straight thing in High School (I'm from Georgia...) and faked it for a while. It sucks being that dishonest with yourself and everyone else.


I don't expect my straight friends to "understand" my being gay. There really isn't any way for them do do that since they aren't gay, just like I don't "understand" them. That doesn't mean that we don't accept each other as we are.


Tyler - thanks for the great posts. I remember being cautious about meeting you on whichever trip that was that I met you on, thinking that the "religious" guy is going to be a pain in the butt. Boy howdy - how wrong was I? You are just TONS of fun and I'm glad to know you (even if you are a freaky, ex-religious atheist furry loving twincest dude.)



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