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Sexual Orientation

What's your orientation?  

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  1. 1. What's your orientation?

    • I'm a guy who likes girls
    • I'm a guy who likes guys
    • I'm a girl who likes guys
    • I'm a girl who likes girls
    • I'm a guy who likes guys and girls
    • I'm a girl who likes girls
    • I haven't figured out what I like yet...
    • Hobosexual (I'm a person who likes hobos)
    • Hoosexual (I'm a person who likes owls)

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I've known lots of non-religious, majorly homophobic men, my younger brother for one (despite the fact that my omni-present best friend was gay). There is the hypothesis that severely homophobic people have strong homosexual inclinations, & are scared to death. Most of these guys seem to me to be sexist pigs (gynophobic a$$holes, actually). For them, is it perhaps that being intimate with another man is somehow feminine, woman-ish, whatever (they clearly haven't known the gay men I have), & therefore inferior? Is some male homophobia also related to sexism?


Cr@p, I hate this - I thought the Enlightenment started 600 years ago.


Too me that sounds like what Madonna said in her song "What It Feels Like for a Girl". She said some guys secretly want to know what it is like to be a girl, but they see it (femininity) as being degrading.

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I read somewhere that most humans are actually meant to be in the middle of the scale (about a 3). However, most people adapt to their environment (aka the homophobic/gay is wrong/only hetrosexual is okay society), so most never (or rarely) go same-sex, even though that person may think that a same-sex person is hot. Strange? Yes. True? Probably so, if you think about it.


See topics on message boards: who would you change for? That's got to be a sign of the human race's nautral bisexuality (at least once in awhile.)


I'd tend to agree with that idea. There's lots of so-called "straight" guys out there that are doing very "gay" things, even moreso than the guys who have accepted thier homosexuality.

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Yep.. I'm straight. Love the girlies

I love how we're only fifteen and saying this stuff.



Yea and everytime I hear or say the word bi i think of the goth, sit in the darkness kids (not that there is anythin wrong with that) but I'm the COMPLETE opposite. But I am following the typical male bi stereotype and leaning more towards ''gay but could see himself with a girl if the PERFECT one came along'' hence why I think everyone is really bi but they just don't know it

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^ I think, with all due respect, that using your personal experience as a basis for generalizing about the entire human race doesn't quite cut it. In matters of orientation, IMO everybody is allowed to define themselves however they want, as long as they don't use that to oppress or insult others.


In my case, I've had (unexciting) sexual contact with women, as well as what might be viewed mechanically as (exciting) "vaginal" sex with a couple of female-to-male guys I know. Regardless, I view myself as a Kinsey 6...well, maybe 5.8...and likewise, if someone tells me he's totally straight, I don't immediately think "He's just too uptight to admit his own queerness."

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well, i think i might be back to bi, or even straight! I have the hugest crush on this girl...


You're still only 14...you're allowed to question everything!


And keep on questioning all your life! It keeps things interesting that way!


"I know not where the lightning strikes"

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I'm straight.


I have no problems with gays, transexuals, lesbians or bi's.. I'm sorry to say this, but if you fancy necrophilia or petophelia... I could never be freinds with you. Sorry, but as of being the age of 13... I find it frightening that somebody would want to steal a young person's innocence. And necrophilia... I just have no idea whatsoever why somebody would want to (blank) somebody deseaced. To me, that is like disgracing their body after tragity has already occured.


As for gays ect, as long as you don't force it on me (I'm too ugly for anybody to like anyway ) but it makes it more obvious to me if you tell me you like me you're lying. Even if you were a guy who told me I was nice looking I wouldn't beleive you.


But, that doesn't mean I think the same about others . I like females... but it seems they dont like me

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I picked number G. (undecided)

Thats what I put back on page 40.. Before well.. You know !


But that was also before "Hoosexual" was added to the poll list... Oh man Owls make me so hot.


Oh and BTW Mr Klock! Way to stop posting on my site and start posting herez!

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