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Sexual Orientation


What's your orientation?  

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  1. 1. What's your orientation?

    • I'm a guy who likes girls
    • I'm a guy who likes guys
    • I'm a girl who likes guys
    • I'm a girl who likes girls
    • I'm a guy who likes guys and girls
    • I'm a girl who likes girls
    • I haven't figured out what I like yet...
    • Hobosexual (I'm a person who likes hobos)
    • Hoosexual (I'm a person who likes owls)

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Erinys had to work & couldn't respond.


I saw that slang word derived from putain and got kinda queasy. If it had been the v-word it would have been another thing entirely. Lotsa guys had done the 'straight with g/f' before, but not with that word. Kinda brings out the c-word in me. Then it was followed by the bag guy and there was just nothing left to be written. You may not know what it feels like to be dehumanized in that way - it leaves one feeling demeaned and powerless. Pole, rod, etc. are all very different, aggressive words, carrying entirely different connotations from the one used, just as whore and gigolo or slut and stud have diffferent meanings.


I respect Masked_Maverick's willingness to compromise, and took out my own potentially offensive, but hopefully humorous, quote from Liquid Sky in respect for his edit. I'd be happy to take out the rest too if requested. If it's women you like, that's one of my favorite qualities in a man! If it's only bits and pieces of them, that's a problem.


Sorry for ruffling feathers gentlemen - I didn't intend to discourage the straight men from talking as much as the gay men do.

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So, if a straight guy says he likes the vagina it's sexist and belittling, but what if a gay guyw ere to come in here and say,"I'm gay and I just love the pole!" Would that get the same reaction, or would people be too afraid to say anything? I mean, not to say that "pole" is technically "belittling," but you catch my drift.


Of course that's what would happen. Much like its ok to come in here and say you accept homosexuality, yet its NOT ok to make a statement saying you are strongly against homosexuality.


It's a double-standard that generated just from the very nature of the thread and the way we as a society are supposed to treat hoosexuality (with acceptance and whatnot)



Um, I don't think it's a "double standard." The two viewpoints are simply not symmetrical, any more than being for slavery is simply the obverse of being against it. And calling guys on the whole objectifying-women-as-pieces-of-meat shtick has everything to do with women's real position in society, not merely some "politically correct" whatsis.


On the other hand, I do love the pole.

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^^ There is that double standard that is found so often in society. As soon as I said "I love poon" I get people jumping on my case but as soon as someone says "I love the pole" nothing. We are all human and we all from time to time (some more than others) treat the opposite sex and in some cases the same sex as objects.

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As soon as I said "I love poon" I get people jumping on my case but as soon as someone says "I love the pole" nothing.

I guess I wasn't clear on aggressive vs. passive words. Bearded clam, muff, gash, slit, hole, slash, tw*t, hatchet wound, meat wallet (as if it has no other purpose), vertical smile (why is it smiling? It's not smiling), the p-words - none of these are respectful words for something that is independent or strong, or anything more than just an ever-receptive receptacle. I guess a beaver has teeth and the c-word is strong but it has quite a nasty, perjorative meaning. The best equivalent statement I can come up with is "I love wiener" or "I love the worm." At one time stuff like the use of those earlier words by some males also had me considering abandoning the less fair sex entirely instead of just occasionally visiting the other side.

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I am bi. I tell my friends that, they dont beleive me, especially sully and Dustin. Oh well.



My dad thinks I am gay, but w/e hes partly right. I just dont like it when he makes jokes at work like... Faggots say what? I call him a fag back, because honestly, I think he's bi, he checks out other guys. I don't do it when I am around him.

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^OMG!!! I cant believe that you aren't going on vacation just because your family found out! To me, I think that is wrong. I remember a few years ago, my mom and dad asked me for some reason if I was gay or not. They said even if I was, they would still like and love me the same way they still did. I said I wasn't though.


But still, I don't think family members should not like or punish their son or daughter if they are gay. I really hope things will go OK for you Taylor.

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