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  1. 1. What's your orientation?

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Celebrated my 48th B-day last Sat, Ironing out final details on our trip to BGW/KD/Washington,DC. (less than 6 weeks!).


and just living life.



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^Happy belated birthday!


For me, we just got back from an AWESOME much needed vacation in the Tampa/St. Pete area. Did Busch Gardens Food & Wine, Adventure Island, the "new" Salvador Dali museum as well as enjoyed some down time on the beach of Treasure Island.


I could really see myself living in this area - I like it a LOT. And Busch Gardens is hands down my favorite theme park in the US, so that would make it a nice bonus to live there!

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^ Cool on the Dali Museum! We toured through the "old" one back

in....March 1987? His stuff was great to see

up close. And Busch Gardens was still young - and with a great

beer garden attached to the factory/park, too!


So - whasssit "new"???

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^^^Bert - Happy Belated Birthday! I celebrated my 44th a few weeks ago - had dinner at Monseur Paul's in Epcot. Sounds like you have a fun trip coming up!


^^If I'd known you were down here, I'd have stopped by Busch Gardens to say hi!


^I've lived down here for a year and a half (Orlando) and have not checked out the Dali museum. I think I need to remedy that

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^ Awwww...shoot, David - I'm sorry!


I promise that we will let you know next time we visit down there....it would be really fun to meet up with you at BGT!


My partner and I both adored the St. Pete area and I swear if I could find a decent paying job down there, we would move there in a heartbeat. Only problem is that it's hard to leave a job that you have worked for 25 years. Not so much the everyday stress that I put up with...it's the salary and most of all, those five weeks of vacation!


You definitely should check out the new Dali museum sometime! We found the headset tour fascinating and learned a lot of new, interesting things about his paintings. I have about ten or so of his prints framed throughout the house...and just bought two more while we were there.


We ended up spending $175 in the gift shop just buying stuff to take home!

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Thanks for the belated wishes guys. . appreciate it.


yep, fun trip coming.


as to Dali. . have you seen his works on display at the Art Institute of Chicago?

(none of the REALLY famous ones, but enough of the phallic imagery (in particular the lighthouse), that I don't feel comfortable posting pics here!).

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Had a awesome weekend during Gay Days down here in Orlando. Went to Epcot on Saturday (love that park) and had a blast at the events at the Parliament House. Saw Color Me Bad play on Friday night and Wilson Phillips play on Saturday. Color Me Bad was not that great (fun, but not good ) but Wilson Phillips were phenominal.

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^ When you promise us a round of sick, twisted cocktails, mmmk?


Our Pride Day isn't until the beginning of August. But that means, we can

head down to Seattle, and do the Pride thing with them, at the late June date.



I think WDW would be the better place for me, to do a Gay Days Weekend thing.

More spread out over all the parks, and enough space between everything to

get a rest (ha) once in awhile, staying on site.

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^There are so many different things going on that you can't possibly do them all - that is why it is such a blast.


And the P-House is E-P-I-C during Gay Days - just sayin'


And I'll definitely promise a round of sick-twisted cocktails

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So when are some of you hookers going to come to Orlando to visit? It would be nice to put more "faces with profiles."


My partner and I have actually been contemplating a move to the Tampa/St. Pete area. The biggest problem for me is either finding a work transfer to one of our branch distributors in Tampa or leaving the company altogether and trying to start over again, which could be rough. Current workload (and blood pressure issues) are certainly accelerating the search though so if we decide to take the plunge, we will certainly let you know...it would be great to meet some new friends in Florida!

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