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Jaws: The Musical

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While this could go into the Random forum, I thought that it was relevant enough to go into the Theme Park forum.


Anyway, I found this while browsing YouTube. It was created after Jaws was shut down for it's "off-season" in which many thought that Jaws would close... forever. But, it didn't. The video has edited (parody) versions of songs from the following musicals:







And a few others. It's a great laugh, and quite professional!




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Was that made with USF's blessing? That was rediculously well put together. If that was an amateur piece, it has to be one of if not the best ever fanfilm about an amusement park ride. Or, a slick piece of marketing!


Either way, I thought it was hysterical.

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Every year, the Attractions departments at USF and IOA have awards shows/video contests, and each ride (usually) submits a video. Many of them are quite good, since there are lots of creative types at the parks (not to mention some nice equipment).


I am a bit surprised that one ended up online, though. I doubt UO would be too excited about that, since many of them reflect internal struggles and contain seriously-inside jokes.



Erik "My ride's video won IOA's for 2004" Elness

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That video was awesome, it's funny because those are probably things they hate about their job (tourists, short breaks...)

I wonder why it was taken offline for a while...It's back now and I hope more videos like it will come online...

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