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Gas Prices where you live

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Bah, you Americans complain about your gas prices way too much!


We were hovering around $1.20 (based on US and Canadian dollar being equal...which they nearly are) per litre in Toronto all week. With 3.78 Canadian litres to an American gallon, that would put it at about $4.54 per gallon down there.


North America is far cheaper than Europe, so none of us can complain too much.

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I paid 3.59/gal today, but I have seen Shell gas as high as 3.79 here.


Earlier this week I had to drive to Bakersfield and the highest for regular unleaded I saw was 4.07 in Barstow, CA. \


My best friend that lives in Hawaii told me that its $4.21 for regular there.

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Last night I filed up for $3.26 off the interstate in between Charlotte and Clemson, probably somewhere around Greenville. That's the cheapest I've seen gas in a long time, so I thought it was worthy of a post

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I've seen premium go for $4 a gallon downtown but regular unleaded is usually around $3.50 here in the burbs.. or middle of nowhere, whichever you prefer to call it


1.4€ per liter = 8.6$ per gallon!!!!

funny how the price in Europe is basically unchanged, 1.4 euros is about what we saw on the mini Europe trip

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The "stop filling the oil reserve" bill is incredibly stupid. It won't make the prices go down a whole lot, and I think it may actually make prices rise thinking that the middle eastern oil suppliers would look at it as increased vulnerability.


I haven't watched the news, do people in the media think its as good of an idea as the ~90% pass rate in congress indicates?


I'm sure people in the middle east and Europe are just laughing at us!!

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