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Gas Prices where you live

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Since Norway is a large producer of oil you would think our gas was cheap, right?? Well, guess again... a typical price where I live is 14-15 NOK per liter, if my calculations are correct then this converts to $8-8.50 per gallon. It has to be said though that while we might have some of the worlds most expensive gas, it is not that bad when compared to the wages in this country.

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Gas prices can be as much as 30 cents a gallon different and the stations only a few miles apart. Sadly the one that is closest to me is $3.49 for premium and a couple miles down the street it is $3.19. Got to love the high California prices.

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About a $1.10 a litre up where we are.


Which is actually happily shocking, considering we have gone as high as

(recently) OVER $1.50 a litre!


Still, I remember everybody screaming when a litre used to cost... 50 cents!

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