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Gas Prices where you live

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I'll just let you know that gas in the UK is currently around $11 per gallon (US), which is why I and many others are forced into driving very, very small cars. I can't believe just how much gas prices vary from state to state, the most difference you'll get in the UK is 10 cents or so unless you are somewhere very remote.

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£1.30.9 /litre Unleaded = £5.96 / gallon = $9.60 / gallon

£1.38.9 /litre Diesel = £6.32 / gallon = $10.18 / gallon


This is in Birmingham, UK. I love how we pay THREE TIMES the price of the USA.




But the UK is small so it's not like you guys have to drive very far right?



Comparison for Melbourne - unleaded is AUD1.35/litre = AUD5.13/gallon = USD5.40 = GBP3.34


Diesel is about 10% more than that. Still well cheaper than the $4.80 they charge for a 600ml bottle of water at the cricket (=$8/litre or $30.40/gallon)!

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