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Gas Prices where you live

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I paid $3.89 the other day to fill up my Mustang at a brand new Chevron down here. It seemed like the pumps are a different design because Ive never had such a problem filling up my car with gas leaking. (I have a 1967 Mustang and gas tends to leak out the fill area while refueling.) Its in the middle of the back of the car common Ford!

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There was one station that was supposedly 4.89, but every other station in Terre Haute went to 4.15. Down in Haubstaut, IN it was 4.47 at some stations while others were 4.15. I also seen some stations at 3.99 still.


Also, the owner of the Marathon store (private, not corp. owned) said thier supplier said they will have to start rationing to stations and suggested to the stations ration too.

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I am glad I filed up and only live a mile from work.


I'd walk to work at that point. As for us central floridians who live approx. 22 miles from Disney gas is 3.86(?) for premium at the Wal-Mart gas station where there's always low prices.


As for my mom driving me ANYWHERE in the next month or so forget it, she works 2 jobs, and I have an ass of a sister who has to be EVERYWHERE and depends on rides because she's 18 1/2 and doesn't even have her license. So school should keep me pretty occupied on the weekdays.

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