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Gas Prices where you live

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Regular is down to under $4.30/gallon around here. It's a nice trend.


Just for fun, I went back to the beginning of this thread and had a good laugh out of everyone complaining about gas being $2.00-2.50/gallon.



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Certainly not as high as some other parts of the country, but the local Mobil station (generally the high-end of gas prices in my area, Fall River, MA) is down to $3.75 for regular. Around here, Hess is generally lowest, and right now it's at about $3.68.


I remember when I lived in San Diego (1993-97), I rode a Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD with a heavily customized Kawasaki Ninja EX500 race engine, and because of the engine, I could only use premium gas...back in those days I thought it was INSANE that I was paying $1.56/gallon...


...oh, little did I know...

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In the UK, fuel prices at the moment are £1.129 per litre for regular unleaded and £1.219 per litre for diesel. That works out to be just over $9 per gallon for unleaded and just under $10 for diesel. You guys look like you've got it pretty good.

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