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Night Club Age Limit is SEXY

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I think perhaps it's all a matter of pure economics:


18-20 year old women will have guys hitting on them and buying them drinks..which means more $ for the club and more tips for the bartender.


18-20 year old men can buy soda, juice or water. um...and that's it. no incentive or extra $ for the club or bartenders.


besides, when you go out to a club which would you rather spend your time looking at: 18-20 year old women or 18-20 year old men?


hey, in two years it won't matter.

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^I think they can be fined by the authorities and lose their liquor license for knowingly providing alcohol that will end in the stomachs of people who are underage. They could be sued (I think, may depend on state laws) for discrimination by someone they've refused admission due to gender, not for indirectly providing alcohol to underage folk.


I'm surprised at the people justifying the club's policy based on economic or behavioral reasons: it's still just wrong. It doesn't matter if typically females of that age behave more socially appropriately than males of the same age. Legally and morally men and women are the same.


To me, it is the same as regulating that 18 year olds are mature enough to sign binding contracts for marriage, purchasing property, or military enlishtment, but not mature enough to drink alcohol. Perhaps that is common sense, but it isn't right. If society regulates that 18 year olds shouldn't drink alcohol, I doubt they are mature enough to do things that are far more long-lasting than a beer buzz.

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i'm just guessing, but its probably because more 18-20 year old girls go to clubs than 18-20 old guys. its also here in atlanta. on the radio you hear djs advertising free entry for ladies and a fee for guys. its not so much that the clubs don't like 18-20 year old guys, its just they know that more than likely girls are going to go to a club than guys. really no club wants 18, 19 , and 20 year olds at their club. probably due to complaints and stuff like that they let "underaged girls" get in because of attendence numbers. they also look at the fact that there are more girls who dance at clubs than there are guys that dance at clubs. no matter what age group you are more likely to find more girls at a club than guys

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