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What Good Deed Did You Do Today?


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I showed up for work...


Actually yesterday, I rescued a helpless injured bird from possibly getting ran over as it nearly got smooshed by us and another careless driver. Upon taking it home, we called the nature center and they wouldn't take it as it was domestic, not wild. So we took it into our hands to help it get better but unfortunately, the bird passed away through the night as it got it's self stuck on something. Atleast we tried...


Also, I'd have to say helping Wario test his mini games so he can earn his cash and screw his 'employees' (Those who played Warioware would understand what I'm talking about)

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I let a few cars turn easier w/o me causing them additional waiting time.


I waved them thru - and they waved back, appreciating it.


Walking man vs. gasolined machine.

No contest...


I have time to yield to the driver(s).


And they like that; somtimes by surprise, too.


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I didn't drive anywhere today!

I helped not polute the air!


Sorry, but I beat you. I'm on almost a 16 year streak of not poluting! Beat that!!


I said thank you when the lady gave me more cokes at the Chinese buffet!

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Yesterday, I did a good deed to myself...I prevented myself from being scammed by a "disabled" lady who was "stranded" at tacobell...earlier that day, she was willing to pay to use our bathrooms...and now she needs money? Like I said: good deed to myself. I also found a misplaced tape at my work when a co-worker discovered the customer's tape wasn't with the rest of their stuff in the box.


Today, I was swimming while towing kids back to the shallow end...lotsa hard work when you do it 3 times in a row. There was a waterslide set up at the deep end so I waited at the end to catch 'em and give them a ride to the shallow end or the step on the deep end.

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Sorry, but I beat you. I'm on almost a 16 year streak of not poluting! Beat that!!


Ok I will beat that! I actually didn't start driving till I was 21!! So ha I got 5 more years of a streak on your arse!!!

The only way to beat this is if you dont start driving till you are 22!


Oh ya and good deed for the day was I didn't beat the crap out of some dummy who almost ran me off the road today!

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