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HoliWood Nights for Dummies

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I love this part:


No, we don't "staple," but lap bars will rest on your lap (or tum-tum, as the case may be)


Wait until you all see the Voyage's "overflow" seat dividers!


--Robb "Have a great time everyone!" Alvey

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So, Paula, is there any chance that the park will be open a week or two later than the 8th? That's probably the same day I'm flying to my next duty station in Chicago from Japan, and I've never been to Holiday World.


I don't know if I can wait until next year!

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Im leaving tomorrow and I'm SOOO Excited! I seriously cant wait, its gonna be a wicked event. Like I said earlier, Ill be wearing my TPR sweatshirt, so holler at me if you see me. Thanks to Holiday World for putting on such an awsome event!


Colin C

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I'm just cracking up that Paula is now a TPR member....Thank God there's somebody on here now that's a middle-age mom like me (sorry, P, but it's the truth!!).


Wish I could be there this weekend... I bet it will be a fun time for all. Looking forward to my visit in 3 weeks!!



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