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Photo TR: Six Flags Elitch Gardens

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After having the luxury of taking finals this morning, I decided to hop along with my Aunt and check out SFEG for the afternoon. We got to the park and noticed the parking lot was almost empty except for quite a few busses. The only ticket window that was open was Custumer Service, so it was looking good already. It turned out that there were lots of people in the park but almost none of them seemed to be riding rides. No coaster was more than a two train wait. They even closed all the rides that left the ground due to a nearby thunderstorm for 30 minutes, leaving the only ride open to be the teacups. They were still a walk on, unlike every food stand or game at the time. Now my little cousin was scared of most of the rides so we just went on a few. I took a break from them for a ride on Twister II and to give Mind Eraser a shot. Mind Eraser is still working on making every part of my body hurt and Twister II, while slightly smoother, is now completely neutered by its new trim break. Anywho, on to some pictures.


Too discouraged after my defeat, I didn't really take many more pictures, so I'll leave you with something for Derek.


Yeah, I got killed, just like in those video games. (My live screen name is MaryMooCow if you ever want someone to pwn.)


After that, we went to go play Whack-a-Mole. I figured all my night of playing video games had to give me an edge...


It was right under Sidewinder, and the chance for more of an up-skirt shot for Derek.


Right next to it, however, I found what I was looking for. Flowers and coaster supports in one shot, OMG!


Their sign for Spider ain't got nothing on Lakeside's.


I then caught up with my Aunt and cousin for a ride on the Spider. (That's them getting off, which is a very long process on the Spider.)


I did, however, take a ride on Bob Barker's Twister II. (Nerdy Caption: Robb's lap bar release also found on the Voyage)


I then waltzed to the back of the park where my injured mid-body-section...area...place told me to skip on this.


Seeing flowers put me in a good mood, so I got in "line" for this. As Gob Bluth would say, "I've made a huge mistake."


I left them to go find more flowers, but all I saw was this big ferris wheel. Boo!


But the real attraction was these pretty flowers.


My little cousin was really scared at first so the first place we stopped was this little train.


Some hot tower action. Mmm...tall.

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