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Well, I was finally able to get my S:ROS credit as I drove the 3 1/2 hours from Roanoke, VA to SFA. Yup, drove 3.5 hours for a 2 minute ride! woo hoo!


First impressions: the park was CLEAN! They had many parking lot money taking booths open. Last year, they had one.


Once I got inside the gates, there were characters everywhere as well as many park ops greeting and really going out of their way to make sure their guests felt welcome. What a change from last year!


After the opening ceremony, I ran to S:ROS for no reason. The park was empty for a Sunday morning, and there was no one else headed to Gotham!


I got 4 rides in a row, and the ride was decent. I did notice a lot of side to side rattling that I never felt on my other Intamin hypers (Millenium Force and Thunder Dolphin). Also, the layout was pretty boring, and that long stretch of straight track after the first helix reminded me of Sky Streak from Boblo Island. Anyone else??


On my way out, I thought I would pick up another map at the gift shop since they only give you one with your $15 parking fee. Yes, they do sell the maps in the gift shops, but they cost $4.95!?!?!?! Are you kidding me?? Last year, they were $1.


But in spite of that, I did have a good few hours at the park. Enjoy the pics!!


I say...I say BOY have a good day at SFA!! (I know...bad attempt at a Foghorn Leghorn accent!!)


Cool t-shirts, and relatively inexpensive ($9.99-11.99)


Yes, the Ultra Twister cars sit next to Wild One. You can get the best view of them from Joker's Jinx.


Check out the HUGE crowd in the station!!


What I drove 3.5 hours for....


The Flash and I in front of S:ROS.


Taz and I


Wow....what a great pic! And these were just a few of the characters out front!

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SFA is a park that I think would really show how "well" Six Flags is doing. Every visit I've ever had there has left me relieved when I got out of the park. If I went there and actually was impressed with the place and had a really good day, I'd know the new Six Flags was working. Of course, I don't think I'll go there this year.


Thanks for the photos, it looks like you had a good day. Still odd that they make you pay for the park maps, other parks give them to you at Guest Relations if you didn't get one in the parking lot. I know SFGAd and SFOG did, and they were free.

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SFA is definately a great park, I really like it! I visited 2 weeks ago, and the park was great in general. But ride operations were' that great on S:ROS and Batwing. Both broke down, Superman having gone when I got on (we had to get off, of course). And yes, about the side-to-side rattling on Superman, that started this year. That never happened last year, but it was very noticable on my last visit. Oh, and in case you didn't see (dunno if you did or not), the rest of the UT pieces are on the storage plot behind those hills behind Superman/Batwing. When you're going up the lift to S:ROS, turn around. If you're on Batwing, turn to the left on the lift or look straight on the double-roll. It's all perty blue and green!


Wow, I can't believe I just said all that in one paragraph! But yeah, in summary, SFA is doing great, I'm glkad you had a good time at my home park!



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"Ridin' High Rollercoaster Club"


As much fun as that sounds, it really doesn't seem like a great idea. Six Flags must be doing horrible to have to go after the Roller Coaster/Drug Addict crowd.


Anyway, nice TR. I'll always remember SFA as the only major park that has closed early on me.

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Or you can always say you're a teacher taking your class next week and you need 35 of the maps!


Seriously though...sounds like SROS still has some of the "Intamin Rattle" to it. I've noticed that all of the Intamin rides seem to get this from time to time.

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SFA's SROS doesn't touch SFNE's but it's still an excellent coaster.


Erik... I went to SFA a couple years ago and the longest line in the park was for Batwing, the park's Vekoma flying dutchman. SROS had a half hour wait (this was a Sunday in the Spring) but Batwing's was well over an hour and moved slow. JJ, TwoFace and the others seemed to move pretty quickly so I suppose you should hit Batwing first just in case.

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Well, there was no one in the park on a Sunday morning, and definately hit Batwing first since it takes forever to load. Then do Superman since it is so close, and head over to Face Off. Other than that, you should be able to get all the credits you need.


They also sell the Flash Pass for (I think) $20, maybe 10 that gets you 5 rides. If it is really crowded, that may be the way to go.


Good luck!

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sounds like SROS still has some of the "Intamin Rattle" to it


I have always wondered why some of them have it and some don't. I have never really found the rattle on TTD, Xcelerator or MF but it is always there on the Superman rides.


However, MF was starting to sound and feel a lot like Superman this year.

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Well, SFA was never what most of you call "Ghetto." Most of you wouldnt know what a ghetto is if it smacked you in the face. SFA is far from it. It's acually in one of the nicer parts of PGC. It was the people that worked there that what people think gave it it's "Ghetto" factor.


But yeah, Supes has had that rattle since I can remember moving here in the summer of '04.

It's wierd because I ride every ride at SFA and get a head ache, and I expect, oh a Hyper coaster, nope, It still gives me a slight head ache.

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I think that ppl concider this park ghetto because its located in the worst county in maryland. Its my home park so it gets boring going to the same park with the same rides. If there were more rides then it wouldent be so bad

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