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What Movies Would Make Great Video Games

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Hey, what movies do you think would be awesome video games, and do you think it could be "series" material?


I think "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" would make a good video game, being able to play as Angelina or Brad. Having various weapons including the ones used in the movie, with awesome effects.


I also think that Jet Li's "Unleashed" would make a great game. You would have to play as the "dog" as in the movie and do what you are told. Fighing random guys while your "master" calls the shots and gets rich in the process. Then somewhere along the lines, you escape (as in the movie) While on your own in the game, you will come across various skills that will help you later, when getting revenge on the person who has kept you caged and also held highly important facts from you..your "Master". Dueling it out in a rapid fire Martial Arts battle with interactive level props and weapons if need.


Explain what movies YOU think would make great games!

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