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Photo TR: Derek does the OC

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Since I didn't want to take a break from riding coasters yet this year, I decided to finally go to Ocean City, Maryland. I was there once when I was like 3, but didn't ride any coasters then. I kept meaning to go back, but with the town's retarded "must have a hotel room for at least 2 nights" and it costing just about as much as a weekend at Disney, I kept pushing it off. Finally this weekend would be my weekend, I figured if I went in the shore off season, I'd be able to get a hotel room, and have less crowds to worry about.


The hotel situation worked, I managed to get a place in Rehoboth for just 1 night, but the rest of the plan fell short. First, not everything in OCMD opens until Memorial Day weekend, so I missed out on Jolly Roger and its 2 coasters (just a wild mouse and a wacky worm). Second, it was still jammed crowded, thanks to "cruisers weekend." A bunch of old men showing off their egos and hemis. Not really my cup of tea, so I got out of OC as fast as possible.


So, this was supposed to be opened, but apparently they broke their computer system, so they couldn't sell tickets until they got it back up and running. So far, no credits for me.


Naked wire witch!


Yeah, I'm betting against this operating today


The dark ride doesn't look opened, but DAFE was supposed to be riding this the next day


Here's the reason we stopped at Ocean City Pier Rides, a credit


From this nice sign, you'd think we were at Disney's Boardwalk Resort. We're not, trust me


Here's a fat dude napping. Later in the day he was ranting very loudly to any passersby about illegal immigrants coming in via Virginia or something


OCMD has a really lame version of the tram car which you need a CDL to drive


Finally we made it to Ocean City. The beach looks nice, though the water was cold.


Looks like the Worm got its head eaten off by a bird or something


Well, of course not! How could we expect you to have a ride opened so early in the season!


Just to ride the Wacky Worm there


First stop of the day Baja in West Ocean City

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Finally, after a bite to eat, we found Trimper's and the day got a little better!


Signature shot!


It was actually really good, lots of spinning and height!


So I had to use the rest of the tickets on the Freak Out


Sadly, the Funhouse was also closed thanks to not enough staffing


Here's another walkthru themed to the life of SharkTums


"Squishy Floor!"


I wonder how many DAFE people got stuck in one of these tight spaces


It had suspension bridges and tilting floors


Pirates Cove was a really nice old skool walkthru


Exclusive shot!


One good sideloop deserves another


Sideloop for my sweetie


This boomerang is actually a little bit different, in that they had to lop off the top of the spikes in order for it to fit within the city block


Aw yeah! Vekoma goodness!


The drop tower looked kinda "meh" so I skipped it


Another ride ready to go, but closed due to not enough staffing


Some may count this, but I do not.




Hooray, a credit that is operating and I can actually ride!

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After Trimpers, we decided to walk back onto the boardwalk and see if OCPR was opened yet. It finally was, so I was able to get my credit. The best part though was offending the ride op by telling him that Pinfari made really uncomfortable coasters. He told my friend while I was on the ride "if he doesn't like my ride, he doesn't have to F*CK*NG ride it!" Git R done, holmes!


After getting the heck out of Ocean City, we found peace and sanctuary in Rehoboth.


Hooray for mint chocolate chip and brownie batter ice cream. Hurry for being lactose intollerant!


I like it when there is no crowds


Elissa, where was your husband yesterday?


Its not religious, so its cool by me!


These little girls made this giant cinnabun in the sand


Check me out, I'm in the ocean


And its also pretty good stuff


Grotto's Pizza is to Rehoboth as Mack's is to Wildwood


Its not expensive to ride either, and is totally worth the price! Its my choice for Golden Ticket


From mist to the "Skull Head" room to secret hidden doorways, this ride blows away mostly every other darkride out there


Seriously, its suspended and has loads of awesome haunted house stunts


But this thing is just awesome!


I can't believe they still have an operating Chaos


Their little amusement park is still operating too, and actually was pretty crowded. See Jolly Roger, if you want to make money, you need to be opened!


Rehoboth is also a smaller beach than I'm used to, but it wasn't as obnoxious as Ocean City


Where if you spend more than 50% of your annual income they'll give you your own step!


The first stop in Rehoboth is of course the microbrewery


Up near Rehoboth is a waterpark that is still around. I went here like 22 years ago, though now I see they replaced a lot of stuff with newer things, like a Master Blaster


Its not a very wide boardwalk, or a wide beach for that matter. Ocean City is overrated in my opinion


"Oh, yeah, if this guy sat on me, I guess I would be done! Thanks for the warning, J-man!"


"What you talking 'bout, Jesus?"


This dude builds Jesus in the sand every day


Either the 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse is considered a "classic" or someone did some major modifying on their '67 Corvette


Here's some old classic cars guys were showing off


Coaster #550. Cha FN Ching!


The picture that sparked the controversy


Hooray, its finally operating with people, 2 hours later!

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^There's like 7 credits total. 3 of them are Wacky Worms, since those are such awesome coasters. The only ones I didn't show are the ones at Jolly Roger, which only had the mini golf section of the "park" opened, so we skipped stopping there in leu of more time at Dogfish Head. The only other credit not shown is a standard Wild Mouse. I'm still missing 4 credits there, but I have a feeling I'll head out to places like Phoenix and Iowa to ride stuff before I'll go back down to Ocean City, even though its only like 3 hours away.

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I think that Jesus sand castle would look way better if jesus had a wicked cool flaming guitar in his hands...you know...instead of nails...


OOOHH!!! Or instead just remove the head and you could stick yours in their for a nice photo op!


"Whats this?"

"Oh nothing, just a picture of me getting crucified in OC. Check out this picture of a fat dude on a bench!"

"Wicked cool! Wanna go cut ourselves?"




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Cool to see the Haunted Mansion get some pub. I must admit that when I rode it I had some anticipointment because I heard it may be better than the one at Knoebels. I didn't end up agreeing although with the suspended cars the details of the Rehoboth ride are very good all around, especially the living room scene. I don't think it is was surprising as Knoebels but I remember it being a bit more well themed. Here is a nice photo filled article about the ride:



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They had to shorten the Boomerang? Haha, it's like they want it to stall or something!


I love going to beach parks, no matter how tacky they are! Good weather you had as well, if I get upto Maryland I'll be sure to Ocean City.

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As a resident of Maryland, I can proudly say that Ocean City is a dump! I haven't been there in a very long time, and from the looks of it from your photos, it will be a long time until I get back there.


Your photos were entertaining, as always. I especially liked the Derek step...



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As a resident of PA i'll go on a limb and state that I also think OC, MD is a dump and damn it i had gotten all the credit the time I was there i'd never go back. I had awesome time on Trimper's Zipper though (I had like 10 ride in a row on it). And I didn't know Trimpers had a wacky worm it must be new as RCDB doesn't even list it.

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^I pronounce it the second way, with the emphasis on HO.


One funny thing about OCMD is that the entire boardwalk is pretty much bars. Wildwood and OCNJ are all about pizza, snacks, arcades, and tshirt shops, MD is pretty much hotel on the boardwalk, hotel on the boardwalk, bar, bar, bar, hotel. We had to walk all the way down to the one end before we found fast food because everywhere else was a restaurant/bar. Best of all, at 12:00 they were already filling up!

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